Xbox Series S is not quite selling how MS thought it would

I think MS may have misjudged the appeal of the Series S.

While the Xbox Series X continues to be sold out around the world, there is still a decent supply of Series S for sale, even though the Series S isn’t being manufactured to the same number as the Series X is.

Also, in the second hand resale market the Series X is still above or the same price as retail, while the second hand price of the Series S is well below retail.

MS had the idea that the Series S would be the companion console for a Sony Playstation owner who would be tempted to get one due to the price. However I’m not sure that will be the case. Firstly I think hard-core gamers will just shell out for the full Series X console if they want to get into the Xbox ecosystem. Not only that but while its cheaper, the Series S has cut too many corners. The storage size is just too small, and the price of the expansion card is almost the same cost as the Series S anyway. The Series S is also just not getting the same experience as the Series X. Games are released on the Series X with certain features like Ray Tracing which are left off the Series S. Even Microsoft themselves are doing this.

At this point I expect MS is readdressing the number of Series S consoles manufactured and reducing them, while upping the Series X production instead.

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The market for the Series S is mainly third world countries.

And the Series S is selling like crazy here in Brazil. It’s even out of stock:


Sold out in 1-2 days after every restocking - - several times. In India.

Series X lasted a full 10 mins on Amazon recently.


Could I ask where you are getting this impression from?

The appeal of the series X is going to be over inflated because it’s the only console your going to hear about online, where the enthusiasts are.

Not to mention, the series S is going to have its biggest advantage the further we get into the Gen. When people see Halo, Hellblade 2 and Avowerd running on a series S that they can get for 250? It’s highly appealing.

The storage space is a real issue and Xbox need some more affordable storage options on the S to help that. Especially as we move into ‘big exclusives’ territory that take up a lot of space. But it’s not like this is a new issue for people, managing space on computers and phones is commonplace for most people.


Just recently I saw an ad for XSS and Fortnite at 120fps which is exactly the sort of thing they should be doing.

I suspect that they had to wait until online play finally became free for FTP games.

But I feel that it hasn’t been advertised in a manner that shows off what is so great about it. I wrote something the following on Twitter and then thought this needs to be communicated more (and in a more succinct fashion):

Nextgen isn’t just resolution. It’s high framerates, fast loading, ray traced lighting/GI/shadows, better physics, better AI, higher poly counts, better textures, better shaders, better audio, better captures, & reduced input latency.

And the Series S does all of that at 1080p.

What needs to be communicated is:

Xbox Series S → nextgen for HDTV

Xbox Series X → nextgen for 4KTV

My niece really wants a Series X and doesn’t have a 4KTV in her room and I don’t think she’ll get one in the next 3-5 years. I told her that a Series S would do the job and she had this preconceived notion that the Series S is “weaker” when really the only difference will be resolution. (Sure raytracing in some titles hasn’t become a reality but I think devs are just coming to grips with raytracing in general)

So I’m a tad not surprised by this news simply due to how the advertising has been so far, then again when they’re still selling out it’s not a big deal.


We don’t have official sales numbers on Series S nor do we know Microsofts internal expectations for it so the thread title is a little bold. Phil Spencer himself said he expects Series X to sell the most in the first 1-2 years but thinks that the series S will end up as the best seller of the two. It’s too early to start doubting the series s.


I have noticed you have been trolling your entire time here.

And the S is always sold out in Spain (AKA Sonyland). Where the fuck is the S being sold below retail price?


Phil Spencer already stated that he expected this to be the case at launch:

Early adopters are more likely to be the hardcore who want the extra power of the SX, have a 4K tv, etc.


Thread title should be “Xbox Series S is not quite selling how i thought it would” right now you’ve worded it in a way like it’s an official statement from MS.


I agree. At first I thought it was an official statement so you might want to change the title to show it is your opinion @Xplainin.

In regards to it not possibly selling as much as you hoped, I mean Phil Spencer himself said that they expected Series X to outsell the Series S in the initial period but long term they expect the Series S to sell me.

I think what we are seeing with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is the enthusiast buying consoles, so they will naturally gravitate to the premium consoles. I still feel the Series S is more oriented to the less economically developed countries due to its cost and we will see the console start to sell more once games start to become next gen exclusive in the wealthier markets.


That’s a bold thread title.

How do you know about MS sales expectations for Series S @Xplainin? Got some inside information you want to share?


Na! Everyone else has misjudged the appeal of series S.

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Another hot take backed by no data.

Not only have you made like your 25th thread in like 35 days but you also posted wrong information with no backing considering The Series S is sold out everywhere and it sells out shortly after restock everytime.

The way people want the S to fail for no reason is ridiculous.

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Series S is a long term play. It will be the most sold one, but not at launch when all the enthusiasts which are the majority of people buying consoles right now want the most powerful one.

Yet the S is soldout everywhere anyway

Well you see there was a little goblin, with a magical book of wonders. In there he read many a secret from the Elf Satya… which nobody should ever know about. And now he has to tell it to the world, lest Satya the Elf will swindle us all by allowing casuals to buy a mainstream casual console and force filthy casuals into our playspace!

I joke a bit, but it sounds like another :“Why it’s underpowered! DO NOT WANT! Get it away from me and only focus on mah unsustainable Tripple A only games!”. Sorry, I must seem harsh, but lately the Series S is selling like crazy in lower income countries and post covid will also sell well in higher income countries.

Also as a second console for kids in their bedroom or a first console for poorer families. Heck where I’m from they almost sell AS WELL as the Series X if you check the amount of reviews written for both. And mot of them are pleased with the system as well.

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With the exception of Obsidian lying about Series X|S enhancements this is absolutely not true.

I assume we’ll see discounting sooner rather than later. 299 feels a bit high, but once it hits 250 or lower on sale I expect it to move a lot during those sales seasons, especially once more and more exclusives come online for xbox and you have predominantly playstation gamers wanting to get access to the ecosystem for cheap.

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Jup, if they can get it to 199 with pack in this Holiday season? That thing will sell like hotcakes. But they would need demo units to show that it really is just a resolution thing and the games look more than fine :).