'Xbox Partner Preview' Live Broadcast Scheduled for October 25 10am PT/6pm BST---No News on Titles Related to Acquisition of ATVI

Hope we get a Baldurs Gate date, the devs recently said they are still targeting before the end of the year on that one. That will be a good holiday game, still playing Starfield and Forza MS though but I’ll fit BG3 in

It was a 'next gen"timed exclusive


Got mine as well. Starting to use their ways to advertise and reminder more frequently than before.

I would like to see a release date for BG3 here.

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Officially 30 minutes show.


Awesome!! I wonder if Stalker 2, Flintlock, Replaced and others that were announced years ago will be at the show. Let’s go baby!!! :joy:

Last Recode for Xbox plus new .hack game.


This guy is head of a game PR agency in Brazil, he says there something special on tomorrow show. Of course, always a grain of salt, but hope he’s right.


30 mins opens a little more doors

I guess I’ll throw out some predictions

  • The currently announced stuff is about 15 mins
  • 6-8 mins of indies
  • Octopath 2 release date and maybe pre-orders (they really need to have a decent launch discount on this lol)
  • Baldur’s Gate 3 release date
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I’ll add a prediction -

Alan Wake II day one on Game Pass. It being on the show two days before release sounds weird to me.

That would be amazing. Would save me another full price purchase.

The crazy thing is, I can buy this. It happened to Tunic, it can happen to someone else.

Obviously, Remedy knows what the pre-order numbers are which I don’t think will be that good. Digital only game and it’s exclusive to the Epic Game Store on PC for a year which definitely isn’t going to help.

So I can easily see Microsoft offering Remedy a good upfront payday for it to be on Game Pass day one. Plus, two days before release, it’s not like the pre-orders will increase dramatically.


Alan Wake 2 Day 1 would be amazing, but I realllllly doubt that. Don’t see why Epic would make that move and don’t see why Xbox would overpay (which I think would be necessary)

The offer doesn’t go to Remedy, it goes to Epic. If part of their goal with these published titles is to bring people to Epic Game Store (which I assume it is, since it’s launching their exclusively), I don’t see them undermining that with a Windows Store version in Game Pass.

and the crazy part is that Xbox didn’t spend a single cent on it (from the FTC leak month ago)

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True but there’s always a chance that there’s no exclusion for Game Pass or no exclusion for Xbox Game Pass. Could be Xbox Game Pass but not PC.

Alan Wake 2 day 1 on Game Pass would mean i need a refund lol.

Bring it!

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The preview event is being advertised in X now.

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Baldur’s Gate III Day One Game Pass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: