Xbox One sold just 17k in July NPD and is out of stock

Switch up +35%, X1 down -84%, PS4 down -19%

From July NPD.
All this made sense If they would’ve launched in September or August. But in November? Will Microsoft be without any consoles on shelf for 5 Months?

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Whoa, that is extremely low… But having seen record engagement during the pandemic, I know the business is thriving… Maybe they took the console off shelves too soon?

Their options are limited though, they would have planned availability of xbox one based on pre-lockdown sales projections, I’d also think that most if not all production capacity would have been retooled for XSX. So is it worth spinning up X1 production just to cover a three month gap or concentrating on producing next gen boxes?

I think this helps back up rumours of a much earlier launch for Series X (with Series S maybe coming later in the year). They have already discontinued 2 of the 3 of the Xbox One model, but S should still be in production at the moment.

I imagine rather than producing more Xbox One consoles at this stage, they thought that maybe xCloud could be the stop gap. Get people interested in the Xbox playing GamePass on xCloud between now and November, and then if someone is already a member of GamePass without an Xbox, they’ll likely pick up a X or S later in the year?

I think we’re overestimating the impact of xCloud (for now). It’s a nice technology but I think a lot of people are not aware it even exists or what it is.

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I agree, but I was just guessing that it may played part of their thinking when deciding to resume production of old hardware. It’s likely that awareness of xCloud is going to increase significantly in the coming weeks heading into the official release in September as well.

Were there not rumours of the series X or series S launching early? This would back that up. If it weren’t for the delays this would be excellent stock management.

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I wonder what Series X sales in the USA will be like in it’s first month compared to Xbox One’s first month. My gut feeling right now is that it’ll sell better.

What played a part is covid beyond anything else, they got hit by a huge demand that ate through likely their projections for xbox one sales for basically the whole year until next systems launch. It makes no sense for them to significantly manufacture a product that is already “failed” regardless of if they can pick up a few sales near the end of life and that they likely planned to sunset anyways prior to new system launches. Given the choice between risking when unexpected demand for xbox one would end (and if any demand was just pushing up holiday sales) and the ability to have more space to manufacture more next gen systems what they probably chose to do is obvious.

Of course. Xbox One Sold just 900k units first month. That was super lackluster.

If this is indicative of an earlier XSX launch, say October, then I can’t wait!

That’s really bad. But they’re sold out everywhere which makes me think it’s a Covid/stock issue.

My guess is they feel re-tooling the factories for XSX/XSS is more important than pumping out 50K more XBox Ones. I think it also points to the idea that XBox One S is going to be immediately replaced by XSS.

Already confirmed for November.

This news was expected. They stopped making a huge portion of the X1 consoles already and likely are shifting the ones they do still make towards regions that are usually delayed in gaming uptake (outside of US/PAL regions).

Clearing house is good for the holidays, especially for anyone concerned about how the XSS/XSX might fare in terms of their names being confused with X1S/X1X. That will no longer be a concern.

Makes sense. One S Digital edition, and the One X are already discounted, and I can see them winding down on normal S production.

Typo alarm! the One SAD and the One X are discontinued :sunglasses:

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Cant get a Xbox around my parts at all. But having said that half the tv’s are/were out of stock at places like JB and HN here is oz. I’m guessing there is a supply issue.

Now is the time to sell your Xbox One consoles if you want to upgrade, you can get a decent resell on them since they are out of stock.

I thought the same