Xbox One E3 revisited (2014) Grade It!



This is an interesting one and id like to see what everyone thinks.

2014 is the Fable legends, crackdown 3, phantom dust and scale bound show. Kinda rough.

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This is the weird one. Four games that didn’t come out, or didn’t come out great.

I remember this one being pretty good in the moment, definitely gave you the feeling xbox one would be a system with games worth playing eventually/soon. It’s easy to focus on the games that got cancelled or released and just weren’t actually good. But I still remember it being cool. Obviously with hindsight I would say this one was a D and showed some of the issues/image problems xbox would face for most of its life and only near the end would start to shake.

I still have my phantom dust shirt they gave out at the show :frowning:

I gave it a C.That was a weird one with hindsight. Lots of cancelled games and Halo 2 Anniversary deserved more exposure than that.

But I like that #myfavoritegame thing. Didn’t know that Bonnie Ross favorite game was ICO.

Might have to re-watch. I remember being excited about Fable and Crackdown (I actually really do like the campaign game of C3, though multiplayer is horrible), being very uninterested in Scalebound and not being sure on Phantom Dust.