Xbox next showcase

First of all, hi to all members. I’m new on this beautiful community (but i’m a quite old member on restera: nickname jimmy1984).

I found this thread on 4chan and i know this Is a bad source but It seems to me pretty cool and not so far from reality)

I would like to know your thoughts about It.


First of all, Welcome!

I don’t really believe any of that. It would be great for. Xbox but I just don’t see it happening. I expect we will get more information and start to see what games look like running on series X. If they do release that info I expect it to be a series of small focused videos that get dropped. Like the series S load time video.

If we get some games thrown in like Cyberpunk that would fly off the shelves

I’d love there to be a showcase but I can’t see it. There just isn’t enough stuff in Xbox’s control to show. Why would 3rd parties have ready to show series X demos all in time for an event necessarily?

So I expect this to be piecemeal. A video on BC. Some gameplay stuff via the developers and publishers of titles, like the Dirt 5 Series S Demo. I expect this to be drip feed as and when stuff is ready before launch.

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The sad reality is, this won’t happen. But it should.

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I do think that there may be another event. There is a huge amount still to show. It is hard to believe this rumour though. Titanfall 3 would be too much of a dream come true to be real.

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Welcome to XboxERA.

Don’t believe any of that rumored showcase. Not going to happen.

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Titanfall 3 would be a great exclusive for me.

But I take 4chan rumours with a massive grain of salt.

There will be another showcase, there are still 4 games that haven’t been unveiled by Xbox Game Studios that was specially mentioned will be shown later this year.

I think there will be another show before the launch.

There’s remain a lot to show, like games set to 2020 (Scorn, Flight Simulator, Crossfire X), a gameplay running on Series X of these games and others, like Yakuza, The Medium and Cyberpunk 2077. And obviously, backwards compatibility announcements and updates.


If this happens, I’ll throw OP a £10 gift card. (because it would make my day)

Otherwise if it doesn’t happen, I’ll be like Jimmy you terrible man getting my hopes up :stuck_out_tongue:

Even though I’m doubtful haha.

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I think xbox continues to drip feed till just before the launch and does a X20 event right before launch showing gameplay for alot of xbox studio games coming in the future. Then says next gen starts here all for $10 a month

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Hi and welcome all newcomers! Then get ready to fork the money


Yep this. They will stay in the news constantly by showing stuff as it gets ready, then something bigger close to launch, like early November with a recap and some new stuff to get the hype up even more.

First thing, I hope you’ll talk as much Age of Empires in here as you do on ResetEra @Jimmy_1984 :wink:

Second; 4chan is not a great source for information. We’ll need something better than that.

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