Xbox Lockhart could have a SKU with no controller to sell it at a cheaper price

Interesting if true, overall I think its a good idea because theres probably plenty of spare x1 controllers about.emphasized text

I agree, it’s a great idea. Get that price as low as possible!

I honestly think that’s a bad decision. Include a controller. Doing this reminds me of most Nintendo console where instead of an actual controller, it’s a gimmick controller. So this would be equally as bad or worse. Include a freaking controller.

For Series S in general, personally, I know that it’s going to be digital but I believe that they should have included a 4K Blu Ray drive, controller, wires, etc. with the console of course for $300. I know why they want to release a digital only console but knowing that the PS5 has a digital edition which could be $400, I would want to beat that in price by at least $100 and if you include the 4K drive, it adds even more value.

Theres no issue if they have a sku with a controller and one without. Im sure theres plenty of people who dont need another controller.

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There is nothing wrong with giving people an option. Love it if MS did this.


I’ve though minimal packaging as the main SKU with a coupon for (steep?) discount on accessories. HDMI, controller, play and charge kits, etc.

Genuine question what’s the build costs of a controller? How much would this actually shave off? The thing with removing the disc drive is outside of the fact at least 50% or more of gaming purchases are digital now (pre-covid) and disc drives not actually costing much, but the profit microsoft potentially makes from digital only users (and likely on-boarding these players to gamepass) offsets any losses they’d have by removing the disc drive and cutting the price by about 50 dollars. I’m not sure there is really a controller equivalence to this outside of expecting some buyers to already have a controller, or idk enthusiast buyers of elite and custom controllers offsetting any cuts here?

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I think there has to be a controller included. Has there ever been a console released without one? I don’t think microsoft would hear the end of it…

I can’t disagree. The base negativity would likely rear it’s head. And, I’m thinking as a parent/consumer that doesn’t need more accessories and not as a PR/marketing employee.

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Even with Xbox One accessories being forward compatible I just can’t see a scenario where the masses will be fine unboxing a console with no new controller. It’s a standard that has become expected since idk forever lol

True, the expectations are ingrained! My wife and kid have design labs controllers and I use an elite so we have 3+ plus spare/unused controllers. I imagine I’m in the minority here.

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Imagine a 4TF Xbox Series E with a 500gb HDD and no controller bundled in for $199 or $249/$269 with a controller

I have about 6 Xbox One controllers and they all pretty much have run their course so a new controller will be much appreciated although I’m getting the Series X so not a huge concern. Just speaking towards the masses I think it’ll be a mistake but we will see. S/o Xbox for allowing you and your fam to keep enjoying their custom tech!

As an option this is fine but if this is supposed to be an entry option shouldn’t have a controller??

I have long been a proponent of Microsoft selling Lockhart at 249, maybe this is how they do it.

249 base and 299 with a controller?

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Honestly why not, 50-60 dollars for a controller seems about right. 250 dollars would be an unbelievable price for XSS.

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If Lockhart is real, it weill be an amzing second console for many ps hardcore players. Good strategy I guess

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Exactly, if it launches, I expect XSS to do the heavy lifting and be the entry points for many in the Xbox ecosystem, much more than XSX.

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It’s August, these machines are supposed to come out in 3 months and we don’t even know if Lockhart exists. We don’t know anything, prices, release dates, countries, etc. And console manufacturers seem shy about showing games actually running on those machines.

Something is off, and it is not the pandemic.