Xbox Live being rebranded into Xbox Network

Following several people noticing changes from Xbox Live to the Xbox network on the Xbox dashboard, Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Live is indeed being rebranded. It is supposed to “distinguish the underlying service from Xbox Live Gold memberships”

Doesn’t seem indicative of Xbox Live Gold going away, but who knows.


I think it could be indicative of more changes coming.


Yep, baby steps. Xbox Live Gold is going away eventually, and there’s a lot of steps between where they were and where they want to be.


Exactly, I mean if people so far were able to make the difference between Xbox Live and Xbox Live Gold, why change it now ? A rebranding always has a meaning behind it.


Completely agree. It’s a bit strange to say it’s about making things clearer when they’ve had the same service name for their entire operation for 18 years and there haven’t been any complaints about users being confused between Xbox Live and Xbox Live Gold.

The only reason to do this is because the eventual goal is to sunset Xbox Live Gold and you don’t want any confusion that you’re ending network services. Now when they end XLG they can make it clear it won’t affect Xbox network functionality without muddying their messaging on ending XLG.


It makes complete sense.

Exactly this.

The dream of Live dying & the online paywall coming down is still on!

We’re getting there. Slooooowleee…

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Some will become free other Xbox network premium features will still be offered of introduced. So online play might become free, but Xbox Live Gold will still exist

Apparently, Jez is saying it is not rebranding. It is debranding - it is Xbox network not Xbox Network.

It will eventually say - Sign into Xbox.

There may be some link to XLG and all that , but this is a more modern take on how everyone does things - Apple Google, etc. according to him.

Xbox network sounds a bit generic. Xbox Net would be better.

It’s meant to be generic, it’s not being rebranded as Xbox Network, it’s being de-branded from Xbox Live. The network part isn’t part of the brand, it’s just Xbox as the brand, and the network for Xbox.


This makes sense to me. I guess if they’re really pushing forward with the “Game Pass on every possible device” model, it’s neater to just have “Log in to Xbox” as you (and this Jez person) say.

I don’t know that there would be a particularly deleterious effect from cutting out the “Live” portion but I don’t have any real affinity towards it, personally. I guess there might be a bit of confusion (especially with physical goods?) until the new name or lack thereof has established itself more.

‘This’ person is Jez Corden from Windows Central. He mentioned this in 4guys with Quarters podcast.

Man - you have to start knowing important journos like Jeff grubb, Jez Corden, Brad Sams, Dean Takahashi, etc. And reliable influencers like Rand al Thor and Timdog, Klobrille, and our own Shpeshal_ed. They are the ones with reasonably up to date information. Every one else is just a pretender in this industry.

There is a nostalgia for Xbox Live - Most definitely. But this move will make their naming more contemporary.

I guess I need to update my Rolodex lol. I knew bout half the people you mentioned. Anyway, I think this change is a minor but harmless one. Guess we’ll see!

Rolodex - LOL. :slight_smile:
It’s been long since I’ve seen one.

Yup - looks minor, but might have more ramifications if the Discord acq goes through.

Ooh, good point, they might be rebranding in anticipation of some integration!

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My first thought for this change is to distance Xbox Gamepass/Xcloud from Xbox Live Gold.

Which suggests the latter is on the way out.

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I really don’t like the name change but gotta admit you make a good point here.


I am finding these arguments rather convincing. Nixing Gold makes a ton of sense in the long run too, since those GWG games can just be extra padding for Game Pass each month and they want to unify the PC/console/streaming experience and that is hard to do if consoles are the only access point with a fee for MP.