Xbox June GDK Improvements Detailed In New Video - Series S Gains More Available Memory

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The Microsoft Game Dev YouTube channel has just uploaded a June GDK video that details improvements to the toolkit developers have for working on the platform. It is a dev-focused channel so while the language is somewhat simplified for the public it’s still a dev-focused series of updates. Some highlights include:

Memory allocation on Xbox Series S consoles has been optimized.

“Hundreds of additional megabytes of memory are now available to Xbox Series S developers. This gives developers more control over memory, which can improve graphic performance in memory-constrained conditions.

Improved performance for graphics allocations

‘Titles can now take better advantage of recent memory enhancements’. “We’ve addressed an issue where graphics virtual addresses were being allocated considerably slower than non-graphics virtual addresses…”

Improved PC game development experiences

  • Auto-synchronized cloud saves and sign-in
  • A simplified user model
  • Startup screen that is displayed before the title is rendered
  • Game update checks that are performed for packaged builds
  • Capability for debugging packages and testing a title in a retail environment

Platform now enforces DLC age restrictions

‘If you’re attempting to mount age-restricted DLC, the new API prompts age-restricted accounts for parental consent by providing a notification.’

New in-game API to manage DLC storage

‘Developers can now manage how storage affects a player within their game. They no longer have to go to their storage settings to free up space’

This is one of the more consumer-facing updates as in previous titles you often had to go out to the UI/Windows itself to change up what DLC was installed per title if you wanted to remove it.

HDR Support in Xbox Manager Remote Control view

‘View accurate HDR content when you connect to remote consoles’

This is beneficial for smartphone and PC users on HDR-capable displays as previously the signal could look off as it was tone-mapped from HDR to SDR.

There was one more update that assists devs working remotely with how their mouse behaves as well.



Great news for Series S owners! I absolutely love it when hardware is used more efficiently. FYI Jesse, this is missing a closing quotation mark.

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thanks for the catch, I’ll fix it

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Excellent news

A bit of information comes from DigitalFoundry on their weekly talk @ DF Direct Weekly on Kratos' comedic Xbox debut - and a memory boost for Series S |

Why are developers being told that it’s ‘hundreds of megabytes’ more memory and not a more concrete figure? Since recording the Direct, I’ve discovered that the amount of memory is somewhat fluid. There’s a block of new memory available to all developers, but this can be augmented by disabling system level features the game may not be using, freeing up extra memory that otherwise wouldn’t be used anyway.