Xbox has TWO events in April

Brad Sams says so!

  1. Game Stack Live Developer Conference: April 20-21
  • Focus is on the tech behind games ie DX12
  • Showcase entire dev stack for devs
  1. Smaller event 'What’s next for gaming": sometime this month
  • ios streaming, cloud streaming

More in the video!

“Xbox has no chill” - marketing game is on point right now


I hope we finally get a release date for xCloud on iOS!

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AoE event too.


Don’t know what’s happening but I’m loving this constant flow of good news MS has going for a while.

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Ah, so the ‘what’s next for gaming’ event got delayed from March 23rd to April. Cool. :slight_smile:

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Oh nice, I guess the “What’s next” will have pc GP app news.

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Originally there was supposed to be a ‘what’s next’ event for gaming and then a separate one for PC. They might still be separate events of maybe they rolled em both into one event?


more info here on the game stack live event!