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I’ve had a bunch of reactions in the background while I was working (I’ve actually yet to sit down and watch it in 4K myself) and it’s safe to say that Xbox catered to what the media pundits and chronically online gamers (that includes myself to a large extent) wanted to see.

I’m the sort that does appreciate indie titles, loves to see experimental games, loves to see genres like sports and racing well represented, and doesn’t mind seeing developers talking about their games. They had none of that, but that’s actually a good thing if you want to appeal to the audience I described above.

And really, that’s what E3 week is for. Gone are the days of informing retailers as to what new products are coming. The audience I described above are the opinion makers and opinion shapers in the industry. These same people are aloof to the fact that mobile gaming is bigger than console and PC games, that games like Minecraft and Roblox dominate gaming, and that games like Forza Horizon 5 have 35 million players (nearly the population of Canada) while they dismiss the game because they don’t like racers (I’m referring to many of the big Twitch streamers). But these people, for better or for worse, help guide and direct opinion of the general populous to some extent. And they loved it. They loved what they saw and they loved how it was presented.

More than one reactor mentioned that they were okay with a trailers of games that they are not typically into because they were just so happy to see everything else. So much of the positive reaction is possible because of the heavy hitters that showed up.

And with many of the titles being 2025 titles, Xbox simply did what they had to do to give a great impression. Shades of PlayStation’s 2016 conference in where many of the titles didn’t show up until years later, but the end result was a very important conference for Sony because they looked far and away ahead of the Xbox in terms of content.

The other importance of having 2025 titles is that it subliminally messages to people that Xbox has a future and your purchase of either the console or Game Pass, this year, for Indy or BO6 is one you can make in confidence. “These great new games are hitting the Xbox in 2025…does that sound like a dead machine to you?” So I completely understand why they would announce titles that are that “far off”.

So it was great. My personal preferences of having developers talk about their game and to feature other smaller unique indie titles are already well covered by Xbox events happening later this weekend throughout the year (ID@Xbox showcases) so they pretty much have this event streamlined to do exactly what it needed to do. It’s the kind of showcase that sells consoles and frankly speaking people don’t buy consoles for indie titles (I say this as an indie developer).

Oh, and one last thing, there’s a lot of talk about this conference “saving gaming”. Yes that is hyperbole but that’s how these YouTubers and Twitch streamers make their money. So the timing works out well for Xbox.


Expedition 33 is one of the biggest highlight from the show for me.


Xbox got to try harder next year.

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Got to love when fans do it for themselves and celebrate it.



To this point. I’ve heard people question what is the point of a first party platform like Xbox if all / most of the first party games go multi platform…

Well that’s a pretty good reason why it’s still important for Xbox to have hardware . The platform holders are or at least should be the first publishers to go all in on next gen releases before the traditional third party publishers can take that leap which comes with financial risks.

SMH how quick yall forget the initiative was the first AAAA studio


I didnt realise Atomfall is based in Cumbria, the quarantine zone is based on an alternative history of the windscale disaster. Very cool as thats where i live near.


This was a 9/10 showcase for me—one of Xbox’s best. It’s crazy to think we’re only a year or two away from a new Fable, Perfect Dark and Gears of War. Way to get back to the roots of the platform. Additional kudos for not needing to flex Halo or Forza which really speaks to the depth of the first-party portfolio.


I don’t even know how Xbox will ever top this Showcase, it was freaking awesome , I guess they will be shopping for studios again if they want to keep this.

Oh cool, do you have two heads?


I think this quality is the new norm tbh. The pipeline is packed and ready.


Hey I took some time to reflect and think about the showcase! I loved it!! 10/10!! The theme for this showcase was 2018 and 360! The studios Microsoft bought in 2018 showed up and showed out! I was shocked we got gameplay for South of Midnight, Perfect Dark and Fable. Also early in engine looks at State of Decay 3 and Gears of War E day! If Xbox Games Studios can keep this up Xbox will be the best publisher in the world! Avowed looks incredible and has a 3rd person mode! I love reading about the synergy and sharing of tools like Obsidian giving their shared world tech to Undead Labs so everyone playing together in State of Decay 3 will have the same resources. The Coalition helping so many studios with Unreal Engine 5! They will crack the code and get those games looking great and running at 60fps on Xbox Series X! Fable looks incredible! I can’t believe a racing studio can make humans look so damn good as well as the environments as you walk and run. I said the wild cards for Matt Booty would be Undead Labs and Compulsion. They both leveled up and I’m excited for those games. Perfect Dark looks incredible! The gameplay was them telling all these “insider” to stuff it with develop issues. Making games is hard but once you get a rhythm you can dominate! Welcome back Agent Dark!! Starfield is cooking!! I’m excited we can craft ammo!! It was great to see Activison with Call of Duty Black Ops 6. Blizzard is cooking with World of Warcraft and Diablo IV! I was watching the Xbox showcase stream they had at one point 550k watching it live! I never saw an Xbox showcase with that amount of people watching! Maybe it’s Call of Duty, maybe it’s Xbox putting their games on PlayStation and Nintendo but it is amazing to see gamers appreciate the hard work from Activision, Bethesda, Blizzard & Xbox Games Studios! Hey and Xbox Era we definitely need the 360 book with all these 360 titles coming back in a big way!


What an idiotic thing to ask.

Watched some reactions by some Tubers and I agree with them. This is how you do a show. You have very few cinematic only trailers and the other trailers all at least show gameplay. Some more than the other. The smaller games are kept to a minimum, which I personally prefer and they had a good amount of visual stunners.

And the messaging was clear with “cinematic and ingame” or “in engine”. Clarity is everything. This MUST be their shows every year from here on out. In the past shows it would bog down after a while. It would start strong and then after certain uninteresting games it would become the lesser half. Not here!

Honestly, I don’t think “in engine” is very clear. The other two descriptions tell me exactly what I’m looking at. In engine, I have no idea what it means lol.

In engine at this point basically means using in game assets and what their final target for what the game will actually look like when it releases but hasn’t literally been captured “in game”

At least that’s my understanding

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It isnt that clear. But its closer to ingame than cinematic. Or at least the quality they are going for (outside of post etc). Would that scene run on series x at that quality? No likely not. But its the same tech that will be seen in game and not using a renderfarm.

Its all very silly.

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It’s been clear we were going to see this, and this would be the norm. Xbox went from 5 first party studios to well over 40 teams. They will be able to have first party only showcases that can fill an hour easy

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