Xbox Game Studios |OT6| But wait, there's MORE....studios

I mean it’s not a leak… it comes directly from the Forza Horizon Twitter account.

But ok, Prog… I’ll spoiler. :wink:


Thank you.

looks pretty Diverse which is good

It still shocks me slightly just how big forza horizon is. I remember when it was the niche second fiddle to Motorsport and is now one of the biggest franchises on any platform.


People love and want a open-world arcade racer with sim elements, then a full on simulation racing experience with traditional level style races.

Interesting stat: the number was 3.5M in July 2020.

So the game gained 2.8M new players on the 6.3M total in a year. Big bump.


At first I was like “wtf is Cologne? Isn’t that perfume?” Then I realized they mean Köln… lol

Such a nice Microsoft day :slight_smile:

  • gamescom 2021 Xbox Stream announcement
  • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice optimized for Xbox Series X|S
  • HUMΛNKIND on day one on Xbox Game Pass dla PC
  • Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) available for Insiders in Xbox app for Windows
  • Forza Horizon 5: Let’s ¡Go! – Episode 5 with revealing new details, incl. full Mexico map reveal

And that’s just monday.

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I’m curious what has caused the bump

Game Pass growth probably


:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

And tomorrow, we will get an onslaught of Indie games coming to Xbox !

Come to think of it, can’t we maybe get things like The Gunk and Scorn there? Aren’t these games seen as indie?

I think those might be at Gamescom on the 24th if anything.


So someone appears to have leaked 90 min of aoe iv beta… not posting it… as im sure we will see more at games com. It looks like a new age and im excited.

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I saw it, looks great and comfy.

Im not going to search it out. As i’d rather just wait for hte finished product at this point. However, very excited for new age content.

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Does it still look so cartoonish with very sugary colours (like typical free pay-to-win mobile game) and huge weapons and arrows that look like giant spears ignoring laws of physics and with horse being like on the ice?

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