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It’s not like Rare isn’t crazy successful atm either :wink: They’ll get the time they need.


I remain confident about Hellblade 2 hitting 2023…

50/50 with Fable as they seem to be still building the team.


I thought Hellblade 2 was 2023 up until the extended showcase tbh. They were a lot farther behind than I thought. It’s still possible, I just lean more towards something like a May release in 2024 now.

I think Microsofts aim with Fable is September 2024 as it will be the 20th year anniversary of the original.

Perfect Dark in 2023? I doubt.

EVERWILD in 2023? It’s rebooted and VGC already said it would be released 2024+.

Avowed and Hellblade II in 2023 sounds quite realistic.

Contraband in 2023? It’s already in development since 2018 and they quite good manage their studios and projects. I’m talking about quality, because it’s another thing. But if they want deliver good game with some good quality and at least 81 on OpenCritic I assume 5 years would be optimal time for Avalanche Studios.

So… Forza Motorsport (Xbox Game Studios), Starfield (Bethesda Softworks), Redfall (Bethesda Softworks). Probably As Dusk Falls (Xbox Game Studios – Publishing) will be next year as well. What else we could have in 2022? I’m not counting updates to existing games or Xbox ports for "DEATHLOOP” and GhostWire: Tokyo.


Who knows… it’s a real mystery…


I wonder what they have for the first half of 2022…before Redfall. The dry period we had this year sucked monkey balls.

I think development will accelerate now they can actually go into the studio for motion capture and such… they were having a new studio built as well, which seems to be completed.


Yeah, I’m 50/50 on it being late 23 or early 24.

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Am I crazy to think that The Outer Worlds 2 will release before inXile’s game, Everwild, and maybe Hellblade 2 and Perfect Dark as well.


No, not crazy at all. Obsidian :muscle:


I am confident they don’t show a trailer for Avowed, Fable, Perfect Dark in 2020 if they knew they weren’t ready for 2023.

Hellblade is 2023 too.




No they don’t. That’s a recipe for disaster.


I don’t know about PD, it might slip into 2024, but the rest I’m condifent that’ll hit 2023.

Those trailers were concept trailers designed to bring devs in to work on those projects.

Think how Bethesda showed trailers for Starfield and ES in 2018

My guesses (based on announced and rumoured stuff):

2022: Redfall, Forza Motorsport, Quake, As Dusk Falls, CrossfireX, Starfield, Project Mara (Disagree with Grubb here, game seems small scale), Updates to GAAS (Particularly Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5)

2023: Avowed, Fable, Compulsion Game, Contraband, Hellblade 2, Coalition Game.

2024: Everwild, Perfect Dark, Outer Worlds 2, InXile Game, Project Dragon, State of Decay 3.

Now, this can all be wrong. I’m basing this on the assumptions of when dev started, scope of the game, amount of talent on hand, talent needed, etc. Outer Worlds 2 and Perfect Dark seem like prime candidates to release earlier than expected. Coalition and Compulsion could easily slip later. I don’t see InXile hitting 2023 tbh given the sheer scope of their game, but I may be way off there as the studio seems very efficient.

And mind you, 2023 onwards is just XGS. I can easily see Indy slipping in in 2024, Tango or Arkane Lyon having something by 2024, ZOS or Roundhouse by 2023, etc. ANd before acquistions and XGSGP (including Kojima) too.


Watching RDX they were talking about what pete Hines and Aaron Greenberg said about bethseda exclusivity and they are right there is a double standard in the media why is it ok for sony to moneyhat 3rd party IP like spiderman and final fantasy but it’s not ok when Xbox does it?

For example the whole tomb raider situation and buying bethseda sorry games media that’s not how this works the same mother fuckers didn’t ask sony what about Xbox when Spider-man became playstation exclusive keep that same energy!


2022 should also have Deathloop on Xbox and Game Pass PC (in September 2022). And maybe Ghostwire Tokyo (it was planned for October 2021 in Sony’s CES 2021 presentation but I have doubts about it releasing this year as I feel that Japanese studios have been hit pretty hard by COVID).


Either way, the games are coming, ahhhhhh they’re coming