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I’m loving Fallout 76 but I really hope that the Fallout franchise won’t replicate TES’ schecule.

The next mainline Fallout in 2026 (best case scenario if TES6 is releasing in 2024) ? 2027 or maybe even 2028 ? More than 11 or 13 years after the last one ?

As someone who never played TES games (and thus never experienced the wait for TES6)

Also, if Bethesda plans for Fallout 76 to hold fans until Fallout 5 in 2027, would be nice to announce the next-gen update (ZeniMax Online announced that TESO next-gen update is coming early June but there is still nothing announced for FO76 from Bethesda Austin).

Im sure the existence of 76 beyond trying to make a game with constant revenue streams was to hold people off in the short term because there where no plans for fallout with starfield and tes6 coming next.

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I could be wrong about this but it just makes sense to me. If Bethesda want to make the next Fallout, that is.

Maybe they’re ok with another studio doing it, like Obsidian did with New Vegas. We don’t know for sure.

I’m a big Elder Scrolls fan. I can tell you it kinda sucks having to wait so long for the next entry in such a good series :pensive:

New Psychonauts 2 pictures from today’s Game informer magazine.


The game looks absolutely stunning, genuinely can’t wait for release!

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Best of both worlds in regards to The Outer Worlds

OOOOOO… Those screens look lovely.

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That casino level looks great.

Look’s stunning, can’t wait to play it.

Loving the details on that stone wall in the first shot. Man this looks so damn good! Double Fine will prove to be a amazing addition to XGS. Especially so for top quality platformers. Some of those shots with the forest has me thinking they could be perfect to make a new game starring our favorite bear and bird.


Great Spin now that TOW2 got confirmed to be xbox property. Yall were ready to kill it last night tho!


There is also a 10 minute gameplay video. anyone know of a way on how to download video from websites? I could upload it on a streamable for you all.

nevermind its the old demo

If the HDR (assuming it has it) is a proper implementation it’s going to shine crazy!!! Auto HDR in the first is really neat too.

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Yeah, for some reasons there is always someone ready to relent Xbox properties like there are nothing and that’s not “tribalism”, is only the real world where you must entice people with exclusives.

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Ill go ahead and say it, as far as I am concerned, a bigger budget AAA Outer Worlds sequel is infinitely more interesting to me than another Fallout (and Im a pretty big fan of Fallout).


Im a fallout fan over tow but I do wanna see what Obsidian can do with it now that they have the Microsoft budget and the ability to increase the scope.

Like give me aliens man lol.

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No kidding. The amount of opportunity for creative design and gameplay with a planet hoping space adventure far outweighs my desire to see more dilapidated cityscapes.

I am probably in the minority, but I enjoyed TOW more than FO4, so I am happy to see a sequel can happen. Also I feel the series set a great foundation and with a bigger budget we can see jump like Mass Effect 1 to 2


I’m fine with it or without it.

I was excited about the possibility of Obsidian developing a game we didn’t know anything about.

Am also excited for a fully realized AAA TOW2 experience.