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Does anyone have any idea about what ID tech next game project is? Any rumor about ID tech after Doom’s end?

No but I kinda hope its not Quake lol.

Xbox Exec Teases New IP That Will Blow Your Mind

Has anyone speculated what game this is potentially?

Wouldn’t this be shown\teased at E3?

Sorry if I missed it somewhere in this thread, I didn’t scroll back to all the 2k+ posts that I missed :wink:

It’s probably Typhoon or Omen

We know that Slayer and Cheif tag team will be a sure fire hit. They should do that already.

Maybe launch it in Halo Infinte itself later in 3-4 years as an expansion. Developed by ID Tech.

Ahem… please take the acquisition talks to our lovely Acquisition OT:

Until they’ve been purchased, they’re not part of Xbox Game Studios or the overarching Xbox umbrella :wink:

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In the history of marketing types (not exclusive to Microsoft) the definition of mindblowing covers everything between McDonald’s using paper straws and successfully landing on Mars. It is so, so hard to read anything into marketing speak.

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Just to follow up on this…


I hope we see this in action at E3.

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I wonder which ‘early announced’ game from the past few years will be at E3 and which ones will miss out.

  • Avowed
  • Fable
  • Hellblade II
  • Perfect Dark
  • Forza Motorsport

There won’t be gameplay for all of them for sure. I expect Perfect Dark won’t appear at the show. On the fence about Fable/Avowed.

If they’ve totally submitted to the gameplay only crowd, then it would seem probable to me that none of them will be there.


I don’t expect Fable or Perfect Dark. Think the others could all make it. They might not want to show two Forza (but I think they should). I am hoping Avowed and Hellblade 2 are both late 2022 titles.

I’m sure they can get away with showing a longer CGI trailer for Fable if they show gameplay for plenty of other games such as Everwild, Halo and Forza Horizon. It becomes a problem if you show CGI trailer after CGI trailer.

Everybody, keep your eyes on Bethesda. 11 days before each respective E3, they revealed Fallout 4 and 76. I think we may get a look at Starfield 11 days before too.

I hope they rip the exclusivity bandaid off early regardless of outcome so the game can speak for itself at E3.


Smart move

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I think Hellblade 2 will be there, hopefully with gameplay. I think Motorsport won’t if Horizon 5 is. I’m still bullish on Avowed. 2 and a half years active development, what looked like gameplay at the end of last teaser. Not expecting a massive vertical slice but a gameplay trailer could be there.

I don’t see Fable or Perfect Dark in any large capacity. Like, maybe a cinematic for Fable revealing Theresa is back or something but not too confident. Perfect Dark is still a ways off imo.

Just played some Outriders and this one area in the desert where foliage was swaying in the wind, all the foliage. It’s something that just looks really nice. When I saw Witcher 3 for the first time and the trees and bushes all swaying in the wind…that to me was part of “Next gen” back then. Biomutant has this too, looks really nice.

And I truly hope in the E3 demo of Halo we’re going to see this too. The main menu had it, but during gameplay it was all static, probably because a lot was still heavily WIP. For me it just brings that extra bit of immersion. Many games have it nowadays.


I believe 343 mentioned a wind system in infinite if I remember right

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