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I’ve seen this Crackdown 4 thing around, but there is some truth in it, or it is only meme? XD

Because I seriously doubt MS will ever do another Crackdown, it’s like Ryse or Scalebound or Quantum Break: bad omens from the Xbox One era.

hmm i think we need to go back to the Does sprint belong in halo debate.

If Matty is to be believed, Coalition might have a game before Gears 6 that’s not Gears.

It wasn’t an MMO last I heard.

It will have SOME kind of online aspect I Think, like co-op or something. But I don’t think the MMO rumours were true.


I love it when you just swoop in an squash shit like that.

What else you got?

Feed me please. It’s been a rough day for me.


Donald Glover Reaction GIF

Okay so:

  • Fable’s not an MMO. Scratch that one off.
  • Coalition might be working on a new game that’s not Gears. Scratch that one off.
  • Crackdown is dead. Scratch that one off.

Halo in sprint? Starfield has a PS5 version? What other “third rail” topics we got here left on XGS OT?

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No games till 2023! thats a fun one! /s

I actually had some strong opinions about that…

Fable will not be an MMO

Fable 2 and 3 had sparse online interconnectivity.

Remember how in Forza Horizon 4 you could see “ghost cars” that represent other players and you could interact with them or ignore them completely for a true single player experience? That is likely what Fable ends up being.


As long as that kind of stuff is optional it’s fine with me!

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If Fable has online then Playground likely went back to look at Lionhead’s original Project Ego pitch document which had up to eight player co-op raids planned back when it was a Dreamcast game. So you’ll likely have limited co-op in set scenarios or the ability to have a party. Where it gets intersting is what Lionhead wanted to achieve in the world where player actions could influence the updates to the world. Sea Of Thieves already does this but Playground could take the concept further. Lionhead cut it because it was stupidly ambitious for the time and not everyone was online enough for it to be workable. But it is an interesting wrinkle that the actions of the player base could change the world that doesn’t need a MMO set up.


Fable’s development is so weird to me, it must of been in development since 2017 at least, for its quasi-reveal in 2018.

But now, 2021, in the last year the lead writer and senior scriptwriter have only just started. This means VA hasn’t started and recruitment is maybe only just starting.

A lot of time must’ve been reserved for the design elements / engine development.

Man I so love the sound of this. I think Fable is honestly a perfect fit for connected world elements.

With the risk of sounding like Hindle, I’d say Fable is most likely a 2024 game.


Now this is really a 2025/2026 game… lol.


Didnt sponger say it was 2024? I cant remember what he said about the game it was a while ago

nvm he said don’t expect it to be before 2024. Im not sure if im reading what he said wrong but it seems like it will be like witcher 3 in size and scope comparing the team sizes with next gen destruction in mind

Yall really think fables gonna be a mmo? LOL its gonna have co-op aspects but its def gonna be a single-player experience for the most part

Damnit, I want to see what InXile is cooking so badly, I have so much faith in them as an Xbox studio