Xbox Game Studios |OT3| Once more....with feeling

State of War

State’s Gone

Exaggerated State of a PS5 Launch title

State of Souls

Stateboy a Big Adventure

State of Horizon


State of GT 7, idk this one doesn’t quite lend to a non boring name lol


I always thought Sony was going to have event first anyways cause MS going to wait for the Bethesda to be done before they have an event

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Show off MP sceenies? I bet they mean sceenies? :slight_smile:

I sure wouldn’t mean some screens of the campaign with updated visuals.

Gran Turistate 7 Gran Staterismo 7

Would have been amusing

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Alright folks, the Sony thread is that-a-way!


Instead of posting about Sony, it’s much better to vote for your GOTY in 2020! :wink:

And now let’s continue about Xbox Game Studios and Xbox Game Studios games. :+1:


I love the idea of a inside halo infinite for the multiplayer in april/ may then re reveal of campaign at e3 or e3 like showcase in june/ July with the one and only Joseph staten playing it for maximum nolstgia


Once all of their studios are far along enough with their games maybe they should then start with IX again. Show us what we’re gonna look forward to with trailers consisting of gameplay and/or ingame bits, more of that, less of CG. With the amount of studios they now have at some point they should be able to show off a lot!


When Halo Infinite launches for maximum effect

Would make sense to get rid of gold then, they could have 30-35+ million gamepass subscribers by then.

I think they know about criticisms about excessive use of CGI. think that was what they had for 2020. after all, those trailers are not ready in 5 minutes. :man_shrugging:

B U T for this year, I think we will have more gameplays. Not only from Halo Infinite, but from other games too. :smiley:

Forza Motorsport, Stalker 2, Psychonauts 2, Age of Empires IV and maybe: Starfield and more…

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But he is tweeting about it, haha.

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:eyes: if hes right thats pretty big probably global publishing?

I’m leaning towards that dude being full of shit.


Yea I take grain of salt

Ive followed Ragnar quite a bit and I wouldn’t take much stock into his tweets

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He is absolutely full of shit.

“I know MIcrosoft has already bought two new developers, one of them Japanese” He said that right before TGA. Then Bethesda deal gets announced and he was “did you like the surprise?” Like he knew.

Don’t listen to him.