Xbox Game Studios |OT3| Once more....with feeling (Part 1)

Interesting, but not much to work with. Still, Xbox BC news this week and whatever tf this is. Not bad.

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But we have to remember Gears will also switch to UE5

I stopped playing after the third one, never touched the new ones. It has the type of gameplay and story that gets quite boring quickly. TC are excellent devs and I’d be keen to see what they can do on a different IP, hopefully after Gears 6 they can move on.

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but we have to remember UE5 is the next version of Unreal with supposedly very easy upgrade path which is what Hellblade 2 is gonna be doing. That’s unlike a whole ass new engine from scratch like Slipspace.

I don’t think it’s far fetched to expect Gears 6 in 2023, even Rand on his recent video said he’d expect it to arrive in that year. UE5 will have arrived by next year, and the game will have been in development for 4 years in 2023. Gears 5 took 3 years more, Gears 6 can take 1 more for UE5 and related tech groundwork. 4 years is a good bet I feel.

You mean that they bought a studio or studios maybe? But would that fall under “insane”?

Keep your expectations in check for that BC thing. It’s just the start of something. Something really cool, but the initial offering might be a bit disappointing.




Xbox related?

Probably Uplay coming to Game Pass, they’ll start with a small selection of games and keep adding to it.

naah they should first add the long overdue EA Play to PC, it’d be extremely annoying if they’re announcing another publisher on board while the first one itself isn’t properly integrated. But I wouldn’t be surprised if this UPlay deal completely ignores the PC Gamepass, of course.

Also, Uplay itself needs to fragment itself first, it currently doesn’t have an EA Play style vault. I would expect that to happen first, then it would take a bit longer to integrate the Vault. As Nick said on the podcast, maybe by the end of the year is a good bet.

Them adding Uplay isn’t going to stop them from working on EA Play on PC lol obviously it’s a technical thing that they’re working on which is completely different to adding a new publisher to the service.

Could be the reason it’ll have a slow start, they’re most likely working on it right now behind the scenes just because they haven’t announced it yet doesn’t mean they’re not working on it. By the end of the year maybe it’ll be complete in the sense most of the games are added.

Confirmation of restarting the BC program would already be really cool and enough for me :+1:

Thanks, I appreciate this.

Honestly I wasn’t expecting crazy stuff, but something like Fallout 4 for starters, since that was the first game they showed for it last year.

Do you also know what the thing is ACG mentioned?

More BC games? Oh yes let’s go.

Also true😅

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My guess, and it is purely a guess, is that a small number (10-20) games have had the frame doubling treatment, and that is what will be revealed this week. Then there will be more added as and when they are completed.


That’s what makes the most sense, as when MS talked about it, it was about a list of certain games, but not all. I expect they will expand that list as time goes on.

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I want Yakuza 6 to be one of those games but it’s probably wishful thinking.

I wasn’t talking about the possibility of it, of course it’s possible to do at the same time, I was merely saying it’d be really bad optics if they started adding Uplay while EA Play itself isn’t fully integrated on GPPC yet. What I mean is I want EA Play to get sorted first before MS starts adding more publishers, PC gamepass already gets a bad rep for having such disparity compared to console, it’d be annoying to see another service getting added while Gamepass PC keeps getting sidelined. Uplay being at the end of the year is therefore reasonable, but I wouldn’t expect it to happen in the coming weeks, that’s all.