Xbox Game Studios |OT3| Once more....with feeling (Part 1)

Mara is a New IP and I could see another.

Insight is a research initiative at the core of games like Mara and Hellblade. It’s not a game.

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IDK but it is under games’ section

Outside of a Star Wars RPG, it’s the only Star Wars related thing that moves the needle for me personally. For videogames, the main character of Star Wars is the world. An immersive sim is one heck of a way to immerse you into that world.

Bounty Hunter type of game is way overdue. IOI and Arkane would be the two best candidates.

Of Microsoft’s studios, I don’t see any other who’ll be available anytime soon. Most are known to have their hands full for years. Deathloop should be done this year and I’m guessing the Xbox version is being developed in tandem with the PS5 version despite the exclusivity window.

Darkhorse is Roundhouse, the studio formed by former Human Head employees who were working on Prey 2. The atmosphere in their Prey 2 demo would fit a Bounty Hunter game IMO.

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Posting a link here, because if this is true…let’s gooooooooo!

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Lol Gears 7 would be nightmare fuel. Enough.

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If we approach this topic a little realistically, you naturally wonder which studio is actually suitable for this. I think we can agree MS/Bethesda won’t decay the Fallout IP for another 7 years doing nothing with the franchise.

  • Obsidian is busy with Avowed, Grounded, The Outer Worlds and a smaller project by Josh Sawyer for years to come, so no.
  • BGS Maryland is very busy with Starfield & TES VI, so no. They are so many people, they might have a incubation team for the next Fallout game though.
  • BGS Dallas is helping on Starfield and is not a realistic option to develop a Fallout game on their own, so no.
  • BGS Austin is working on Fallout 76 post-launch support. They just recently released a pretty beefy story expansion to the game. They seem busy, but I still think they might be the most realistic option to develop a new Fallout game right now, maybe with additional help by other BGS offices.
  • BGS Montreal is a bit of an unknown. Maybe working on a Starfield companion game or mobile game similar to Fallout Shelter, although the studio has many open positions right now, asking for “development experience on game consoles” and “Experience playing previous Bethesda Games Studios games”. They are about 100 people, so not really sure. I would not rule them out completely when it comes to a new Fallout game, maybe as a joint effort with another BGS studio, but another open position asks for experience with “Unity”, so I go with no, they are not working on a new Fallout game.
  • inXile seems to be working on an “ambitious” unknown FPS RPG “we know people will love”, so naturally the thought might lead to Fallout, but I think the timeline doesn’t make sense here as the Bethesda acquisition announce was so late and the inXile project at least in pre-production already. Brian Fargo obviously has a special connection to Fallout and crazier things have happened in this industry, but I’d still go with … No. The timeline doesn’t make sense I think.

So yea. I think there are limited options for a new Fallout, so I’m curious how it’ll play out.

A new Fallout game releasing (exclusively) on Xbox and Day One on Game Pass would obviously be a huge deal, so I hope to see the franchise making a return rather sooner than later, in whatever form.


Why is The Medium being so critized already ? It’s not even out yet.


Really good summary. As I was writing this out in the other thread, I got to thinking…what’s the Wasteland 3 doing next? Is InXile all hands on deck for their new project or will they continue to have multiple teams? Based on the creative leads they hired for their new project, I believe Fargo may still have multiple teams.

I thought Wasteland 3 was excellent and felt like an isometric Fallout Vegas. That team has the writing and game design chops for a dynamic western RPG. Wasteland and Fallout settings are similar. It would be their first foray into 3D but that’s a natural progression for western RPG devs anyways. Would be fitting to see Fargo come full circle in his career to over-see both his dream project and Fallout considering he is the grandpappy of the entire thing.

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The did this for even longer with their biggest franchise, which is the elder scrolls. We could say that they have TESO, but so there is Fallout 76 as a similar game. I don’t hope or expect them to do so, but there is precedent to this.

I actually believe the Wasteland 3 team would be better suited than any team at Bethesda. That’s not a knock on Bethesda. What made Vegas special was how dynamic the world was. The creative leads who I’d trust most with the writing and game design are the Wasteland 3 team and Outer Worlds team. Outer Worlds team has a shot to create Fallout Vegas in space with a little more budget so it would be a waste to take them off that franchise.

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This is a good point, although I think the situation of the acquisition by MS and Bethesda/BGS being bigger than ever changes the perspective a bit. MS spent $7.5B on Bethesda and the Bethesda IP pool is a reason for that price, so I think they have a huge interest in actually using these IP; with Fallout naturally being one of the biggest.

The Elder Scrolls franchise got actively used in these last 10 years. I think if the resources/free studios for a completely new Fallout game aren’t there right now, MS/Bethesda will at least look into Remasters or something along those lines, like Fallout New Vegas Remastered as an example, to actually make use of the franchise.


I do think that the coalition might work on something else alongside gears, if they slimmed downs gear’s campaign I think they could maintain gears MP and do a star wars game simultaneously

I hate remaster.

But I would instabuy this.

The only thing I would add is that we are assuming that they werent working on this before the bethesda purchase. Bethesda was obviously hard up for cash, making deals with sony for ghostwire and deathloop, so for all we know they licensed the fall out ip to microsoft for a project by inXile last year or the year before.

Todd Howard did an interview in 2018 with the guardian (link below) where he was asked if bethesda would do something like fallout new vegas with an external developer again.

Todd said

'[But] now that our company is so big, it’s always better to keep stuff internal … it becomes less likely, but I could never say never. I thought the Obsidian guys did a fabulous job.

So he obviously liked what obsidian did, so for all we know obsidian and inxile are doing a team up! (probably not lol)

it sounds to me, reading between the lines, that bethesda proper is/was building up for two full dev teams. I dont know if this would be two completely seperate dev teams or if it would be splitting bethesda maryland into two teams who then work with the various bethesda branded studios that they have acquired in the last couple of years like BGS Austin, Dallas and Montreal. IMO this was something that they sorely need to do, with 3 big games, that all need 5 years of dev time, a 15 year gap between installments is just unsustainable.

EDIT: forgot link The Elder Scrolls VI, Starfield and the future of video game giant Bethesda | Games | The Guardian

A lot of people view Bloober Team as a walking sim developer and those sort of games are not viewed fondly by the internet. Its also an Xbox console exclusive so people on the otherside are more so asking “why would I buy a new console and spend $60 to play this?”. Not realizing its a game pass title.

I would honestly say a lot of people still don’t understand or even know what game pass is outside of the Xbox circle.


I agree, Game Pass is the reason games like The Medium will be able to strive in the future.

The people that will criticize the Medium on the internet mostly have no interest in playing the game and will be saying game pass fodder once it drops.


Most Nintendo and PlayStation players haven’t even heard of Xbox Game Pass. The casual PC gamer might not know what it is either to be honest, I’m a PC/Xbox ecosystem kinda guy and I’ve had to explain what Game Pass is numerous times to people coming back from college break who wanted to play games but didn’t want to spend a lot. Even so, some people are still cautious about signing up for subscriptions because they’ve forgot to cancel in the past. Subscriptions add up.

I think their engine revamp took them a lot of time, as considering it’s used across their suit of games, it hampered all of them. I definitely expect them to be much more productive during this generation.

As for remaster, considering how old all of their games are, especially new Vegas, I think a remake would be much more suitable, something akin to Mafia 1 remake.