Xbox Game Studios |OT3| Once more....with feeling (Part 1)

I bet the rush is so people pay for the Yuffie DLC because as far as I know, that won’t be included

what’s on the 10th?

Everyone, as Nick’s already mentioned ad nauseam, take the non-XGS talk to the Community Thread or their appropriate areas. Thanks.

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Sorry man, only just after the flagging I noticed we were in the wrong thread. We’ll continue there.

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I feel a massive improvement from HB1 to HB2, I really just hope they don’t continue killing the momentum with the puzzles.

Sorrrryyyyy Dannnnn. Will continue in the other thread

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Maybe it’s an open world game where Senua have to climb towers to unlock the map? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

but that’s the thing though. A lot of people love it for the puzzles. I wouldn’t wanna be in a Devs shoes when it comes to balancing expectations

I liked the puzzles, maybe a bit more variation.

Or Senua has a young girl that she either meets in the world or is her friend and she calls her “girl” very often. Kinda like how a certain bald man calls his son “boy” a whole lot. :grin:

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Seconded. I’d like them to keep similar puzzles but greatly improve the combat

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I for one haven’t played Hellblade. Don’t really like that camera angle in the game.

but imagine Senua battling cryptids and creatures from scandanavian mythology. Like with scale but also drama. That’d be dope

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So we now know this month won’t have a games showcase for Xbox, which is ok. That makes me wonder when they plan to show more from Psychonauts 2. Sure they can just drop on Youtube a new video from Double Fine with the developers and where they show the game, but I think this opens a possibility for either a Direct style thingy for the game in April, since apparently the game is planned for April-May or maybe part of a actual games showcase in either April or May?

Senua needs to be very sad too, but I guess that won’t be a problem. We might have a GOTY soon!

Ah yes the combat needs some work. I didn’t mind it as much as some did but it can definitively be improved upon.

end thread

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Ooof… deep cut. I only let my Da call me Dan. I’ll allow it this once :wink:

No worries, just saving you from Nick’s wrath :wink: