Xbox Game Studios |OT2| It's pronounced "Krayg" not "Kreg"

Kinda wish Auto HDR worked for all games that dont have HDR.

Okaaay let’s dive back into Fall Order I probably finish it today :slight_smile:

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We know the new Warhammer will show gameplay and that’s a Xbox (timed? Unclear to me) exclusive. But since the developer announced this themselves, this is not gonna be all Xbox will have.

After they released DLC/Expansion of Gears 5 and FH4, expectations, dangerously, increased…:grinning: CGI trailer from The Initiative is a very strong candidate for TGA. Psychonauts 2 and possibly Hellblade 2. I dont expect anything else from other Xbox Game Studios or Bethesda for 2020. thats it. :+1:

Still getting “high-level” updates from 343 Industries. but outside of TGA 2020. :eyes:

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Yeah, Psychonauts 2 and the second DLC for The Outer Worlds is what I expect. I have no idea what they will show other than that. Can be anything!

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The 3 hour duration for Hivebusters is a bit… odd? What do you all think?

The internet will be vocal about that…

Hopefully something ingame/gameplay, even if it’s only 5 seconds, it’s something. And it’s much more than yet another CGI trailer, because you get an idea of what this game will be about.

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why? the RAAM dlc was 2 to 3 hrs also

3 hours seems fine to me. For months after the game came out none of us thought there would even be any story DLC. Gears 4 sadly didn’t have it. Three hours of non stop action, maybe some slower paced bits here and there? I’m OK with that.


Why? It’s a DLC… included in Game Pass too.

So uh…

We had TWO new Power your Dreams commercial this week back-to-back, new Forza Horizon 4 DLC revealed, and the Gears 5 Story DLC revealed.

Very very curious. :chief_think::nickthink:




Really hoping for Hellblade 2 gameplay at TGA. Anything beyond that would be a bonus.

Not sure what you mean. How long would you expect DLC to be?

Wouhou yeaaaah! Awesome! I’m replaying the base game currently with a friend who never played Gears before and he’s liking it a lot so this DLC will be a great send off.

Oh yeh I’m fine with it don’t get me wrong. But I bet we see this get brought up.

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Most DLC’s are more than 3 hours. I’m guessing with it as long as it’s good, I’m just saying that the internet will shout, I’m sure.

Can’t complain with games pass tho. Good to see Xbox putting first party DLC’s in their.

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yeah should be great

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3 hours is more than fine with Cyberpunk right round the corner and it seems like the locations are brand new as well. I will say $20 seems a bit pricey though, although this is an irrelevance if you have Ultimate.