Xbox Game Studios |OT2| It's pronounced "Krayg" not "Kreg"

I thought the other games were also running on the GDK, but just that it wasn’t mature enough. Not sure the time is enough for the tools to already have been perfected.


Is the Hivebusters DLC included in the Ultimate edition of Gears 5 or just the new GOTY-edition? Kinda shady if not

Nice! Hivebusters being included with Game Pass Ultimate is a nice surprise. I have been thinking for a while that Microsoft will further increase the value added to Ultimate and this is one way, because Microsoft really wants people subscribed to Ultimate rather than just Game Pass.

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That I don’t know.

Here is the trailer :

I think it is safe to say it won’t make an appearance at the TGA.


Really nice that the Hivebusters DLC is included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Looking forward to playing it, though I was hoping it would be more than 3 hours. Not a big deal though. Also, this should probably be made it’s own thread.

The Gears 5 “Hivebusters” DLC was announced before the TGA… Now Xbox’s participation in the event has become interesting. :chief_think:

Good point. I was convinced that Microsoft would debut it at TGA. Now this is out in the wild, Microsoft must surely have something else to show :thinking:.


Oh you mean for those who bought the game and may not have Game Pass? (to whom I would say, are thou crazy or insane?) :wink:

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this has the potential to be better than whole gears 5 campaign

Gears 5 had some really dope moments, for me it were the linear parts that really did it for me. So basically the early parts, the parts that aren’t in the open worldish areas and the last act I thought was real strong.

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Minecraft doubled its number of views on Youtube in 2020, compared to 2019 :


I don’t expect major performance boosts on Series X|S until middle 2021 given the following steps needed (as I see them).

  1. Given the nature of end of year vacations all around
  2. Time it takes to iron out performance issues
  3. Try to address identified performance issue
  4. Test the fix(es)
  5. Release into the GDK

Then have third party studios do all of the following:

  1. update to that GDK
  2. recompile their game
  3. test their game for regressions
  4. create a game patch
  5. test the game patch
  6. finally release the game patch.

I definitely say this raises my expectations.


I agree, it is not something that can be done in just 1 month.

Yes, I have the Ultimate Edition (I also have XGP Ultimate so no worries) but if it is included in the GOTY-edition and not in the (more expensive) Ultimate edition that would be weird.

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Please don’t share any gifts for the hivebuster DLC the gears 5 trailer spoiled almost the entire game.

Created a thread for the Hivebusters DLC:

I can take down the post.

Nono that’s fine ^^