Xbox Game Studios |OT2| It's pronounced "Krayg" not "Kreg"


Minecraft is the exception because it was already on PlayStation before Microsoft acquired Mojang Studios. Any game that’s already on PlayStation will just stay as is but future games, with or without Sony paying for this or that, I believe they will all be exclusive including the MMO type games like if there’s an The Elder Scrolls Online 2.

Minecraft is an exception because its bigger than literally anything in the entire industry. It has sold more than fucking PS2 itself. Its at a point where its a platform in itself and doesn’t make sense to limit its reach because unlike all the other games, it’s also been a big educational tool for kids. That’s why even though the original game is a live service that already existed on other platforms, even the newer entries are released on them because it is simply too big for any one console or system.

One good way to utilize the first party brand is to make the Minecraft raytracing version, if it even exists beyond just a tech demo an Xbox platform exclusive. But chances are they won’t lol


Agreed. Minecraft is the exception to the rule.



Who knows :thinking:

So series X is full 4K 60 fps with 120 fps option for COD. PS5 runs at dynamic 1528p and no 120 fps option.

So we aren’t going to have the same energy?


Soo Call of the Sea launch and nobody is talking about :o


Played for about 30 minutes earlier today. Pretty good looking game, doesn’t appear to have any ray tracing (I’m sure there was info saying it had RT). Feel like there’s some fps inconsistency when panning the camera.

PS5 is running the ps4 pro version which can’t be patched to 120fps.

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“But how is poor litte old MS going to make its money back and what about all the PS players its not fair to them” I am being sarcastic by the way

Sorry for being petty but that 2 year for project Athia got me annoyed


Playing Call of the Sea on Game Pass PC right now on chapter 3, very chill game with a intriguing story, it’s mostly solving puzzles so far, while challenging there not frustrating, love that sense of accomplishment when solving one, Also I’m not getting any frame drop issues like some people are reporting on ResetEra . I plan on beating this game so I’ll give a final score when I’m done, but after 2 full chapters I would give it a 7.5/10 so far.

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Thx for the tip. Just queued it, 10 Gig is not that big. And while at it, I checked: my Cyberpunk patch is already downloaded :innocent: (16 Gig).

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Link seems botched, what did it say?

I thought there was already a DF Cod comparison?

IGN scores it a 9!

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The game looks interesting but I think it was not a good idea for it to be released today. its Cod Cold War, Cyberpunk, ACV etc. He is competing with big fish. January 2021, good launch window for this game… :slightly_smiling_face:

For me it’s perfect though! In between AC Valhalla and Cyberpunk later this week it’s the ideal game to mix it up, change of pace. :slight_smile:


Well, just because your 42, doesn’t mean you stop doing team sports or even single person sports (like Jiu Jitsu, a sport I practice, and I’m in my late 30’s). In either case, I don’t hate my opponent, I play to win, but I have no hatred as that would get ugly very quick. But in sparring as in a competition form (were there are banned techniques you can’t use), you have to hold back and see your opponent/opposing team as someone you measure your skills against… in a game :).

Heck if I stated I hated my opponent, I’d might even be disqualified out of disrespect for both he opponent as well as the martial art. It is something that sometimes pisses me off with Football (both American and the rest of the world’s version XD). The total disrespect for the referee, I’m not that strict to people training but I wouldn’t mind them being red carded the moment they have a big mouth to the referee or act threatening to another player. If you cannot control yourself to your superior, the referee, then you have no place on the field or your squad. (You can see why I"m not popular in FIFA playing crowds :wink: ). Emotions can run high, sure, but then it’s upto your squad mates to prevent that from happening.

I guess it colors my outlook a bit.

Oh well really off topic, I’m just a bit worried for people taking a toy so serious that they start to hate the other brand :P.

It’s a great game, and a niche one, He’ll survive the big fish :wink:

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Wonder what this is about.