Xbox Game Studios |OT2| It's pronounced "Krayg" not "Kreg"

For me it’s perfect though! In between AC Valhalla and Cyberpunk later this week it’s the ideal game to mix it up, change of pace. :slight_smile:


Well, just because your 42, doesn’t mean you stop doing team sports or even single person sports (like Jiu Jitsu, a sport I practice, and I’m in my late 30’s). In either case, I don’t hate my opponent, I play to win, but I have no hatred as that would get ugly very quick. But in sparring as in a competition form (were there are banned techniques you can’t use), you have to hold back and see your opponent/opposing team as someone you measure your skills against… in a game :).

Heck if I stated I hated my opponent, I’d might even be disqualified out of disrespect for both he opponent as well as the martial art. It is something that sometimes pisses me off with Football (both American and the rest of the world’s version XD). The total disrespect for the referee, I’m not that strict to people training but I wouldn’t mind them being red carded the moment they have a big mouth to the referee or act threatening to another player. If you cannot control yourself to your superior, the referee, then you have no place on the field or your squad. (You can see why I"m not popular in FIFA playing crowds :wink: ). Emotions can run high, sure, but then it’s upto your squad mates to prevent that from happening.

I guess it colors my outlook a bit.

Oh well really off topic, I’m just a bit worried for people taking a toy so serious that they start to hate the other brand :P.

It’s a great game, and a niche one, He’ll survive the big fish :wink:

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Wonder what this is about.

Everyone that frequents this thread, this relates to you. Please go read and let us know.


Talking about people calling in sick for Cyberpunk lol

Call of the Sea is getting some nice reviews I see. Its on Game Pass, so easy to give it a try. Once i finish Gears Tactics, and Jedi Fallen Order, and … and … and…

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Lol. Please don’t remind me :weary: . I seem to just keep adding games to the ‘play later’ section of Game Pass every couple of weeks now and then you tell me Cyberpunk is coming out on the 10th lol. I am literally swimming in games to play.

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I mean, competing for attention. Call of The Sea looks special and has quality, I’ll still give it a try. But I think it would be more positive if it was released at another time, January/February is always good for releases. :+1:

Wasn’t an option, part of the deal with EA for publishing Titanfall was a right-of-first-refusal on any potential acquisition of Respawn.

Nexon wanted to buy, and made an offer, and as-per the above agreement, EA was then given the opportunity to buy, which they chose to exercise so as to prevent Nexon grabbing them. Had Microsoft attempted something similar, the same outcome would have happened.

In a new PS5 promo trailer which shows many games, including Deathloop it says with small print that it won’t be available for other systems at least for 12 months after release.

At least? So that could be even longer? At least it’s not two years like Project Athia, LMAO, ridiculous.

There’s only one way to respond to this and Project Athia, MS. And that’s by making known next year that Bethesda are Xbox franchises now and if you want to play them, invest into Xbox. Negative articles? Undoubtedly, but zero fucks given.


I think it says at least so they don’t get in trouble if its not exactly1 yeah later, like maybe a year after release falls on a Sunday or something




Yay, more stuff from team Minecraft not on Xbox.


Yep, fuck Sony. It’s time for MS to pick up the glove and stop being so fucking nice all the time, it doesn’t work when your opponents are like that.


Any mention of brining it over to the X|S?

Doubt it will be longer. Same goes for Ghostwire Tokyo.

Totally agree with your other comment btw, you just don’t spend that money to put it on your competitors systems as well.

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another exclusive to add to the GP backlog


Already have call of the sea downloaded last week, and now I can just start playing without needing to buy the game.

This is the future of gaming.

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