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Microsoft reiterates Crackdown is a pillar franchise for Xbox… when it’ll get its own studio? and who will be in charge?

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Pie in the sky? Ink dries early on Zenimax. Starfield revealed.

Realistic pleasant surprise?

A glimpse at the next game from Compulsion or a gameplay trailer for Avowed or Fable.

What I expect: At least 2 of the following

Psychonauts 2 trailer and date

Outer Worlds DLC 2

MSFS dated for Console

Initiative Trailer

Hellblade 2 trailer

Hellblade 2 gameplay

Tell Me Why Season 2 revealed

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No way, I’d just expect 1 or 2 peaks at TGA

It is by no means a pillar IP for the Xbox. I think if they want to bet on the mistake again and get CD4, Sumo Digital is there… they can make a contract with them again.

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Hmm I personally think Starfield shall only be revealed after the acquisition is done, so early to mid 2021. My reasoning being them announcing it would be weird without also announcing the platforms it’s coming on, and that cannot be done self admittedly until the deal passes through. (edit: realized that’s exactly what you meant by ink dries early lol pardon this bit, but yah probably not happening until March)

I don’t think we’re getting Avowed or fable gameplay, but I’d be the most ecstatic if either of them do show up.

Psychonauts 2 will probably be shown, but not dated. Again, bring me the surprise.

TOW dlc 2, hmm possible.

MSFS dated for console definitely believable, Q3 2021 my guess.

Initiative trailer, yes, most anticipated. Would be a bummer if we won’t see this.

Another Hellblade 2 trailer following with a gameplay snippet would be honestly all we could ask for from xbox at the show so definitely hinging on that, and these rumors about a trailer being ready to show on top of Ninja Theory teasing a Ninja Christmas is adding up to a proper reveal :joy:

Tell me why season 2 this soon?

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Xbox solution for DLSS is going to make the value of series S ridiculous. Machine learning the future of gaming.

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I think it will be good. :grinning:

Yes, Im talking about AMD. AMD RDNA 2, Xbox Series and RX6000 Series chips. DirectML is DLSS from MS basically.

That’s nuts! Hopefully devs start to utilize that option real soon, oh man.

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I think Tell Me Why season 2 is within the realm of possibility given the first season was about half the length of a Life is Strange one.

Interesting… :thinking:


I wonder if we’re going to see games using DirectML from third party titles next year and probably from the first party games hopefully right away?

Ideal would be if RDNA2 features start being used much sooner than we expect.

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You can say this about any genre. It’s still important for XGS to have as wide genre coverage as possible. Need to fill in the gaps with publishing deals and additional acquisitions. Platformers, JRPGs, “Sony games,” etc.

Yeaaah! It’s the ONLY way consoles shall see 60fps with raytracing at high resolutions.

Tbh even on pc, only until recently you could not do native 4k 60 with RT even on the highest end, that’s where DLSS had to be created, it goes hand in hand with RTX. Now a baseline RTX card like 2060 can run Death Stranding at 4k60 because of DLSS, a card barely meant for 1440p doing not just RT at 60 but also 4K. So I’d expect the console to bring similar results. But realistically, I think 1440p 60 with raytracing on Series X and ideally 108060 on Series S.

My only question is if the dev prioritises dynamic resolution, whether supersampling could work with that.

Microsoft is sometimes a very strange company. It abandons popular and beloved IPs and invests in others which wouldn’t be missed by many. Just let that IP die and move on.

When did they say this? You have a link?


All right it was before the release… BUT, I doubt that Matt or any Xbox executive “praises” this game again these days.

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Yeah, that’s old and before it released. I’d love a new one myself, but I don’t think we can go by that old quote as proof that Xbox will back the franchise.


Did anyone actually believe that statement about Crackdown to anything but a throwaway PR line?