Xbox Game Studios |OT2| It's pronounced "Krayg" not "Kreg"

Because it is a licensed IP for a company outside of Xbox Game Studios or MS. And with no publishing relationship or support from Microsoft, it was only licensed. Who asked for the IP was the studio responsible [Piranha Games], as far as I know. I may be wrong.

Yes, It is a Microsoft IP.

I dont know, for me its 50/50. If it stays only on Xbox it will make sense. If he goes out to other platforms it will also make sense. :sweat_smile:

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Sorry he comes as an arrogant jackass with comments like that

I guess people just like drama. This thread would totally be okay without ever having any posts concerning any person, publication, or website with a clear anti Xbox bias. Let the doom posting thread be about all that nonsense.

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He’s also like many of them celebrating a bit prematurely. What with games getting patched and such. But yeah the fact that Schrier is what’s considered a "respectable journalist " says a lot about this industry tbh.


A Plague Tale and Flight Simulator apparently share the same engine LOL!

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Hey everyone

I made a mini survey just to get the community’s perspective on Xbox Game Studios. I would appreciate if you could take a few minutes of your time to respond. Thanks!


Its bad optics, somehow Xbox always seems to team up with up and promote games that turn out to be duds. Same with that Bright Memory. OK…It was made by one person…Maybe this is a good indicator that MS needs to stop teaming up and promoting these 1 person games and start promoting quality games. It just makes Xbox look bad and gives the impression that they’ll will take anything regardless of quality.

Definitely not…we need to promote and reward quality games and developers regardless of how unique their games are.

Promoting low scoring 60 rated games is not good for Xbox brand image.


It’s very tiresome and not needed in this thread, thankfully he will not be posting again for awhile.

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very cool, will post soon.

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Thanks for that ! Now, let’s get back on track !

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I mean, they are also backing AC Valhalla, Watch Dogs, Elden Ring, and a little game called Cyberpunk. And also, Bright Memory Infinite has not been released yet, only the short demo. Idk, I’m not too worried about their image here, and I though Bright Memory was ok and I want to play Falconeer asap.

Interesting that Valhalla now runs worse on PS5 after the update.

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Ok couple things. Let’s leave the falconer alone, sometimes things just don’t work out and it is what it is. I’m still interested in playing it.

Jason is going to do what he does. Some people like some people don’t(myself included). I think he’s wrong in this case but that’s on him for playing this like he has.

Back on topic I think that Yakuza is amazing! I had to stop myself from playing it today. My god it is soo good. The story and the game play are just chef’s kiss. I really can’t say enough good things about.

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Does it? Link?

Exclusive. Leaked images of new “Halo Fallen Order”. :rofl:


Phil cut the check. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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