Xbox Game Studios |OT2| It's pronounced "Krayg" not "Kreg"

I wonder if @Sikamikanico has decided how to handle the OT yet?


Rare Replay is only possible because of Xbox’s BC solution. It would be an immense undertaking to bring the exact same collection to PC, let alone Switch (at least w/o just streaming it)


Most people want MS to purchase studios that make games they like. I don’t think it’s that surprising that someone might say “I really like game X and hope MS buys the studio that makes it so that they can continue to deliver those kinds of games with a first party budget to my platform of choice.”

Is it really that different from hoping a sports team picks up a certain player or goes to a certain city?

The ones I don’t understand are when you have studios that have very clearly expressed they don’t want to be bought or when the purchase is framed as “wouldn’t it be funny how miserable it would make (insert group).”

I think that goes double for MS where you look at studios they worked closely with and either should have bought or failed to buy (BioWare, Respawn) etc.

MS in particular has a habit of working with studios, helping establish those studios as a powerhouse and then losing them to another publisher.


It’s almost as if videogames take time to make or something. Unless they go for so called “smaller experiences” but “gamers” don’t like that. At least not on forums anyway.


It is full of contradictions everywhere.


Ignore him he spews negativity especially about halo infinite


That’s not true.

We got many games from them already straight into gamepass.


Whatever happens, whatever Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo show tomorrow at least it will be over.

Then we can just chill and enjoy the holidays and restart the hype/disappoint/rumors endless cycle all over again come January.


MS finally learning to give games the time they need. I still think Halo Infinite comes out Nov 2021

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Lol guys, I just woke up and I thought that the game awards was last night so I sais to myself to go straight to xbox youtube channel to see if there was anything announced and I’m there watching at Phantasy star online, GTA online, and season of play trailers and scratching my head :smile: oy by coming here did I realize my mistake…

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So today is the day when nothing happens.

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Ikr about time

25 posts to go.

Lol hope they’re doing this to ramp up engagement to the game before the game awards. I suspect we might get a release date trailer. Hopefully first half

I’m keeping my expectation low for tomorrow. Would be great if there’s exciting news

The XGS OT will be right back.

Head here for the era. This is the way.

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