Xbox Game Studios |OT11| The One with Starfield and Activision Blizzard King

The game comes out on May 21st, almost 2 months away as of now. I think it is pretty likely the marketing will ramp up a month from release.


Oh I know, that’s just standard procedure for games nowadays in regards to marketing.

I’m just saying it’s a good thing they aren’t marketing it right now.

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True. With a game like this you can easily show too much. And it doesn’t seem it’s vastly different or has many new features that “need” to be shown either.

Anyway, is that a good source at all? I’ve never heard of it myself

Halo 2 20th Anniversary statue in case anyone is also interested

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Thank you.

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Gears 6 must be soon


It better be. Been too long and Gears imo will be a system seller for xbox and gamepass.

The people who are masturbating over helldivers 2 forget how good Horde on Gears was.

Horde 5.0 will destroy gaming.

At some point there has to be marketing and hype. MS are still trying to sell gamepass and xbox systems.

Starfield got an insane push. This should be the next game

Then onto the next and just keep going.

Not sure Hellblade 2 is that game. It should be but I’m not sure they view it that way.

lol if course Hellblade 2 is going to get a big advertising campaign.

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Dude…when the series x was revealed they showed hellblade…theyve shown hellblade in 3 our of the last 4 TGA awards

Its one of their most hyped games this gen.


I’m just saying in comparison to Starfield.

Starfield was THE game for Xbox this generation. That marketing push is the exception, not the norm for every Xbox release.

Yeah interesting I fall in the niche camp for HB2 (Bafta award style game, which is great).

But thinking back they have pushed it more than Starfield, which is kind of funny to think about.

Well, speak of the devil.


I think you’re underselling Starfield’s marketing.

They probably poured $80M+ in marketing it, it was on pop cans, bottles, chips, billboards, etc etc. They pushed the hell out of it.

I know people give them a hard time when it comes to marketing but we gotta give them credit where it’s due, I think they did a really good job with Starfield’s marketing.


The timing is always funny. Maybe we should say something and it will come up.

Puzzles similar to the first one…

Personally, I don’t have a problem with that. Once I got used to how it worked, only 1 or 2 actually gave me any trouble. Also, I’d imagine they’ve looked at the feedback and iterated upon them, but we’ll see.

I mean, it’s a sequel.


They weren’t particularly hard, just not very fun. To me at least.