Xbox Game Studios |OT11| The One with Starfield and Activision Blizzard King

Matt said we are getting 10 games this year, so you never know!

Well, it’s not 10 actual individual games. It also includes DLC like the Diablo IV expansion due at the end of the year. I’m expecting more like 5 games and 5 DLC/expansions.


I got a bad feeling about Contraband

I just hope that it can be played solo like Ghost Recon Wildlands and I will go from there.

My bad feeling is the game isn’t progressing well internally, I wouldn’t cry about it if it’s not solo if it’s good, or even releases, in the first place lol. It’s just feelings I hope they’re proven wrong.

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They announced it way too early. But because we didn’t have a single rumour about this game I have no feeling at all. Same with Perfect Dark.

I actually think it is 10 separate titles, and not expansions to existing. But we’ll see.

Oh no, the mini event going on right now. Double resources for 4 days.

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Matt as in RestEra Matt?

I feel fairly confident it’s not ten separate titles. At best it’s nine and the Diablo expansion. At least that’s how I interpret this:

That’s from 22:10 of the video.

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Ooooh, I see. Yeah ten for this year would have been crazy. But they might announce more at the June show for this year. It’s not impossible.

Yes, he did say ten for this year. See the quote in my previous post in this thread. The question is how many of the ten are major expansions, and how many are individual games.

He named five, one of which was an expansion. No word on what the other five are, but I’d guess one of them is Shattered Space for Starfield.

It is developed by Avalanche Studios. They arent really known for putting out anything above 6’s or 7’s.

Also hasnt Jez said they were behind in Milestones on his podcast a while back?

Im most curious between the split of on foot vs vehicle gameplay in the game.

Yeah because of Avalanche track record of barebones releases, Jez or Grubb I think saying they’ve been behind in milestones and that it was supposed to launch like 2 years ago or something, and honestly the game’s vehicle based idea doesn’t really seem like it makes sense or would be viable for a full fledged game… I have low expectations, but I hope I’m surprised.

Perfect Dark will be perfectly fine. Contraband, we do need an update as it has been a while. Even so, Xbox got so many games, it’s not the case of reliance.

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Avalanche Studios did have two 80+ rated games. Renegade Ops and Just Cause 2. The stuff they’ve done in games though have been pretty damn awesome. Mad Max for example has the best damn car combat since Twisted Metal 2 for example. I’m hoping Contraband is similar to Wildlands but with the vehicle combat of Mad Max. That would be freaking awesome!!!


I did enjoy some Just Cause at first, and Mad Max (their best) but what’s special about it can quickly wear off, their games tend to have a cool and unique feature / gimmick, but they don’t take it to its potential, their content and structure is very repetitive and meaningless.

Fair that he includes Diablo expansion, but the “more than” makes me think there’s still a good chance of 10 full games. I think I had come up with 9 or so possibilites when doing guesswork earlier this year so it’s not a stretch to me.

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MAGG seemed pretty impressed by what he had seen of Contraband (if you believe insiders), so looking forward to seeing it.

Honestly the vehicle based gameplay is probably the part im most looking forward to. I thought Mad Max and Rage 2 vehicle gameplay was fun. If they go all out with massive chase sequences in co-op with a bunch of vehicles trying to get you, It will honestly standout quite a bit. There probably isnt a studio thats done more car combat than Avalanche these days.

Its everything else I wonder about like the heists.

Jusy Cause 2 was awesome, never played Renegade Ops but those 2 games will be over 13 years old by the time Contraband releases.

Agreed about the car combat, no studio is doing it better than Avalanche currently.

Im curious about is how realistic they are aiming for in terms of vehicles. I’d honestly love to see them go all out in terms of creating ridiculous vehicles to face off against.