Xbox Game Studios |OT11| The One with Starfield and Activision Blizzard King

It’s weird to me that a 2025 game doesn’t have an assigned head developer and they talk about it like it’s far away lol.

Seems everybody missed from Tom Warren’s article that Indiana Jones is targeting December.

What game is that?

COD 2025, mentioned that in the article.

Oh I thought that’s this year, so we won’t have a CoD this year?

" Call of Duty 2025, codenamed Saturn, which currently doesn’t have an assigned leading developer, is also pitched to have an open-world campaign, with its map being separated into several different biomes/locations. While the pitch for the game is very much in flux due to its early development (20 months until launch at the time of writing), it was said that the campaign’s shift from linear to open world is primarily based on streamlining development over anything else – But whether this changes or not by release is unclear."

It’s a different game from Black Ops.

That sounds a lot like Halo Infinite tbh.

The one open world with biomes. We’ll see.


Developing an open world game in 20 months sounds like a tale from 15-20 years ago.

Obsidian are actively working on the combat, hit detection in Avowed.

It didn’t bother me as much as others but it’s good to hear they’re still improving things. Really looking forward to this one. Avowed and Indy really shot up on my most anticipated list after the direct.

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I would hope they have multiple COD games in development at once so they aren’t just going to have two years for it.


I hope that doesn’t mean an incoming nerf. As Rewards will likely be the main reason I would buy another game on Xbox(use it to either fully pay for it or reduce it low enough to be weak willed enough to justify buying one at this point).

A SW engineer being hired has nothing do with them “nerfing” the Rewards program. :yamchadead:


No, but it can mean they’re looking to make changes and those changes can be a nerf. Personally I’m hoping for a buff outside the US, because after they dialed back the previous nerf here I feel rewards is in a good enough place that they can expand it further.

I can tell you right now, they don’t need to hire anyone to nerf the rewards program. :shrug:

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This sounds nice!


Can always count on them.

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Cod 2025 Will functionally be an expansion for the new Black ops. The time scale isn’t surprising.