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I am repeating his previous position at 343.

Nothing more.

It doesn’t need a convoluted description from you in regards to your career… especially as you admit yourself to have no knowledge of the internal structure of the studio.

And you dont either, so posing that he has “Senior” in his title as some sort of cogent discussion point has next to zero value.

And to be clear, Im not even arguing that he is wrong, clearly by the way Halo Infinite has rolled out something was certainly wrong there. Im simply that you aren’t ever going to get a clear picture of it because everyone’s perspective is skewed through their own prism. Particularly when you have been let go.

Fair position to have… but I don’t think the opinion of those who were present at 343 should be automatically discarded on the basis of talking “crap”.

The dev in question clearly feels he needed to speak on the subject.

Well, ultimately nothing we say has value in taking into account your logic…

While the dev in question is probably aware of the structure of 343 and was involved in development at the time.

Perhaps keep the layoff talks in one specific thread?

This isn’t about layoffs… he comments on Halo infinites development cycle.


The tweet started with “The layoffs at 343 shouldn’t have happened”, so easy to think that it was about the layoffs. Though I do see folks are more talking about the management, so it’s fine to keep that here.


Either way, I’d love to hear what exactly happened with Halo Infinite and how it ended up like it did. Hopefully we find out in the future.

I tend to lean on the side of difficult circumstances and decisions rather than incompetence, especially during pandemic times (though many of Halo Infinite’s setbacks must have occurred pre pandemic).


We just have to wait for someone with “Senior” in their title to come out and say it wasn’t incompetence. At which point the world will fold in on itself.

I mean this was pretty obvious to anyone.

The major restructuring of the leadership at top of 343 happened for a reason over the past 3 years lol.

Don’t particularly understand the attempt to circle the wagons in a rather sarcastic way over such a pedantic detail.

I guess we should discard his opinion ! Everything was clearly running smoothly at 343 straight throughout development.

That isnt what I said. You weren’t interested in a nuanced conversation using real world comparisons, so here were are.

You basically made the statement that you weren’t aware of the internal structure of 343.

How exactly can we have a nuanced conversation over something we don’t have knowledge of.

You’d be surprised… we still at this juncture and after all the restructuring etc etc… we still have arguments ad infinitum denying the potential culpability of the leadership of 343 in Halo infinites development cycle.

Life experience, I have been working professionally for 20 years in multiple organizations. Ones significantly smaller than Microsoft. Even at those smaller scales at none of those orgs did any of constituent staff have direct insight of what was happening at higher levels of the chain.

You argued the person wasn’t low on the pole, Im saying he wasn’t high on it. Senior designers aren’t having leadership meetings with studio head and big wigs from Microsoft about studio management. Their opinions, like anyone at any business, are formed around what they witness and their interpretations of them. That doesn’t make them wholly factual, nor does it make them wholly false.

If you haven’t experienced any of this personally, then fair enough, we can’t have a nuanced conversation about any of it because you have no frame of reference. Anyone who has worked in orgs large or small know that winds change constantly and those changes can be abrupt and without warning.

Ive even conceded several points of yours that I agree with but you only seem to want to latch on to fragments of posts and make no attempt to parse the rest, so in the best interest of not beating a dead horse, have a good night.

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I mean ultimately you need to ascertain what point you are trying to make… on one hand, you are trying to argue that you know for a fact, through your career, that he isn’t high on the pole of the studio… wouldn’t be entirely privy to the competence of the leadership.

While simultaneously you state you have no knowledge of the structure of 343 and thus you can’t accurately comment on it.

If that’s latching on to fragments of your post which hugely contradict each other… I guess I’m guilty of that.

Yall should just leave it alone lol.