Xbox Game Studios made a stellar August month

It’s the end of august, and wow, they really deliver great games.

We get :

Flight Simulator 2020 - 93 MC //// Battletoads - 74 MC //// Wasteland 3 - 85 MC //// Tell Me why (first episode) - 79 MC

Everything day one on gamepass. I started Wasteland 3 and the game is incredible, glad Microsoft buy Inxile


I really need to install and play Wasteland 3, I only worry it won’t be my kind of game, but never know it might hook me, I never liked stealth games till I played Hitman (reboot) and got hooked on both Hitman 1 & 2 & beat them back to back :smiley:

I think even the character’s creator is a good reason to try it, maybe it will help you to jump in :slight_smile:

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Man try it, big deep rpg full of possibilitiies, tactical combat, great character creator, really good voice acting and the humor…Lol


I think they should have spaced it out a bit, but the quality of their output was undeniable. Diverse, exciting and above all, good.

lmao I also found them, writing is so funny


Thanks you for adding the image

Yeah, I think Battletoads should have been released in september and Wasteland 3 in july but at the end, we play nice games, it’s the most important

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It really is a fantastic month. There have been a lot of great games from XGS this year. I remember when Xbox only released games in holiday season. Man, how things have changed.

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Initially, I wanted to comment on this post but as I was writing down by thoughts, it became longer and longer lol so I figured why not make a whole new post based on Xbox’s August output, so I would love to know what you think of it!