Xbox Game Pass for PC increasing to $9.99 per month from Sept 17th

Makes sense I guess, especially with EA Play being included. It’s been in beta since it launched and as it’s improved as of late with some great releases, I feel it’s probably about the right time to increase the price and effectively increasing the value of Ultimate at the same time.

Yeah sounds reasonable. Lots of good games lately too.

Yep, the service is going out of beta. The $9.99/month was already announced before launching the service. EA Play balances the increase in price.

eh, I’m in anyway :man_shrugging: bound to happen sooner or later

wonder if they’ll round up to 10 for €

$5 is way too good of a price for that many games and it was bound to happen.

I hope there is more parity between Game pass console and PC.

Interested to see how many drop it, and how many continue with the service. I’m sure we won’t get any hard numbers though

$5 was just the beta price IIRC, people definitely got their money worth.

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Still a good price.

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for the amount of game that are available alone on the gamepass it still a good deal then take in EA starting to be free that a ton more free games well worth the price

MS has to improve some things to keep the PC crowd on a consistent basis (PC GP just isn’t as good, by the comments of my friends that have it).

I don’t know… PC-only gamers are a whiny bunch tbh. (I used to be one…). PC Game Pass looks fine, $10 is still very much worth it if you play 2 or more games/year.

The value only increases over time as well as more and more first party games come to the service on day 1.

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Yes indeed.

Well worth $10 IMO. PC has received some notable exclusives this year and the gap is closing. It’s not quite up to par with console Game Pass however it’s value continues to grow consistently and it’s worth this price right now. Console Game Pass is just in another stratosphere.

Yeah with ea now on it, it’s easily worth it. Best part is, if people don’t like it they can always purchase the games on steam.