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In an effort to reach the estimated 3 billion gamers world-wide, Microsoft are laser focused on realising their Cloud gaming ambitions, and today highlighted quite a few products designed to “transform your device into a mobile gaming machine” in their latest news post over on Xbox Wire.

There’s some really good stuff on display here, so let’s just list it all off for you.

First up, the Gamevice Flex (Android/iOS) which is designed to let you leave your phone case on while in use (I didn’t realise how much having to take my case off my phone irritates me, but I now I get it).

Gamevice Flex is available today in the U.S. for Android at $99.95 and for iPhone at $109.95 USD.

Check for more information.

Next up is the Turtle Beach Recon Cloud Hybrid Game Controller (my god, that’s a mouthful!) compatible with Android devices.

This is basically a controller AND mobile clip all in one, with a 30 hour battery life to boot. Only wired while in use for console mind you. The Turtle Beach Recon Cloud Hybrid Controller is available today in Blue Magma and Black for $99.99 USD in the U.S. and participating international retailers.

Next up from Turtle Beach, we have the Atom controller, again, just for Android devices.

These two modules operate independently via bluetooth for a very compact experience. The Turtle Beach Atom Controller for Android is available for pre-order for $99.99 USD from Turtle Beach and participating retailers worldwide and will launch November 14, 2022.

Next up we have the RiotPWR Cloud Gaming Controller for iPad (Xbox Edition) and good lord, I never thought I’d see a tablet wedged into a controller, but here we are.

This connects directly to your iPad via the lightning connection for low-latency mobile gaming apparently. The RiotPWR Cloud Gaming Controller for iPad (Xbox Edition) is available for pre-order today at $79.99 USD in most markets worldwide and will launch on November 1, 2022.

Last up, but certainly not least is the GameSir X2 Pro Mobile Gaming Controller for Android, which comes with some nifty customisable back buttons and interchangeable ABXY buttons for those looking to take their Elite controller experience out on the go. It even has a carrying case.

The GameSir X2 Pro Mobile Gaming Controller for Android is available today in both black and white for $79.99 USD worldwide.

So what do you think folks? Will you be picking any of these up to compliment your on-the-go Xbox Cloud experience? Let us know in the comments or on our forums!


I’m really interested in the iPad controller. I might have to pick it up.

If they make one for an android tablet, I may try it as well. So far, the screens are all too small for me to really enjoy mobile gaming. And I don’t feel like wearing binoculars (my despised reading glasses) to make it feel better!

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The one I’m most interested in is the powerA MoGa XPX7-X, it the one that looks the closest to an Xbox controller and imo looks to have the better looking triggers, only thing seems to be it’s for android only.

I’m currently using the Saitake STK-7007F1, which from reviews I saw of it, seems to work with both Android and IOS and has the option to use X-input by holding the Anroid or IOS button and X to turn on the controller.


Is there anything like the “RiotPWR Cloud Gaming Controller for iPad” that works for an Android Samsung 10.4" Tablet?

Most of these products look to only support the smaller phone profiles.

This is what I’m waiting for, too. I’d be ready to jump on a new tablet, too. With decent handles, I could hold it longer/easier and maybe get in to some more e-books (if I don’t get hooked on the xbox cloud games).