Xbox Cloud Gaming question

I actually recently started playing A Plague Tale Innocence on my Xbox One with cloud gaming and it works really well. My question is I know it’s on the cloud, but does playing on an Xbox One give it less stress and stream less of it? Like a phone clearly wouldn’t be able to play it naturally so does it need to stream more of it compared to playing on Xbox One?

If they use the same codec on Xbox and smartphone there should be no difference in bandwith. Streaming with the xCloud app may be different than streaming directly from your web browser. But I’m not really sure.

when you play a game on cloud it has little to do with what device you are on but the bandwidth of the internet you are using. A Plague Tale will run just as good on your smartphone as you xbox or pc. There is little stress on xbox or smartphone

I mean you need a phone that is of decent quality so app can run smoothly while other apps are running too. Tried to play cloud on my cousins old samsung from 6 years ago and app crashed multiple times. He eventuslly got a new phone.

Thanks for clarifying