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I actually disagree about showing game pass plan updates later. The extended showcase won’t have the number of eyes, and it’s important to do those announcements at events that will be more covered by press because they are the ones that bring in the money. Custom controllers aren’t as important because the people who care about it will be informed anyway. So non major hardware, longer dev talks about game sections, etc I see at extended but anything that has millions of users like game pass is much more important to show at the main event.

Same with at least some overview of updates to the games as a service actually. Sure show more of it at extended, but they have to at least briefly show something about it during the main show to remind the people who aren’t playing how much content there is and what all is happening.

C’mon Mort, you’ve been here long enough to know why. :smile:

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They could probably easily integrate the Family Plan announcement into a Game Pass montage.

Haha, yeah but this time I can’t even think of anything remotely reasonable. We know about the delays and we expect this year to be light on content, pretty much everything we do get will be a positive surprise. We know games like Halo is what it is, and that’s been beaten to death so nothing new.

I guess we could get another Craig-moment? Like State of Decay looking like crap or something… Maybe Avowed is a live-service mobile focused game? haha

  • It is possible that some game that we expected to be exclusive will be multiplatform for example.
  • Or some minor dissappointed if some games that we expect are not coming to Game Pass.
  • Or for example no Dragon’s Dogma on Xbox showcase meaning that Microsoft failed to secure any announcement from Capcom (unlike Sony)

I can find a lot of ways to self explosion :fire: :joy:

Honestly yeah, I think there will be SOMETHING hardware related as well. Don’t know what though.

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Sorry guys, didn’t mean to doompost about potential future doomposting. :smile:

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It’ll be over the font they used or the colors or the announcer used for voice overs.

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Yeah, ok that might upset some people.

Maybe a new elite controller?

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Hahaha, yeah.

Too late! :phil_lmao:

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I'm sorry

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It’s at least possible. The current one doesn’t have the button that the regular controllers have, the size is the old size still, and I’ve seen a lot of discounts lately. Would not at all be shocked. Might get one if so, my Series 2 could probably stand being delegated to a backup controller.

I believe it will continue to exist as well, but I 100% think it will be rebranded and have some changes made to be part of the game pass family so that the numbers can be counted together for pr purposes.

I can’t see this happening again. They obviously know what all the games look like and if anything, they would just pull it from the showcase.

Yeah, I don’t think that is likely lol.

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Starfield expected to launch early 2023

That when Avowed is expected to launch but with Starfield now expected to launch early 2023 it means Avowed is 2022