Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase announced for Sunday June 12 at 10 a.m. PT

So… a 30 minute showcase? Yikes.



Good list. However, Diablo IV was delayed to 2023. Dying Light 2 sold 5m copies in 4 weeks and the first game has never been on Game Pass as far as I know. I wouldn’t expect DL 2 any time soon on GP. Avatar and Gotham Knights are possibilities but both may have Sony marketing. If they do, neither will be on Game Pass day one. We are of course getting Deathloop though.

I think they will show Redfall but im not expecting SOD 3 or Everwild whatsoever. I am hoping for Fable but im not making any bets. lol

Only problem with this is that im expecting a few new game reveals via CGI trailers that could be further out than Avowed so if gameplay is ready to be shown, then it should be shown.

Would be insane if they shadow dropped it. Weve heard nothing about it.


Yeah, it’d be awesome! Could happen too, Machine Games unveiled Wolfenstein 2 at E3 2017 and then released it in October 2017.

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Then what was this all about if we still won’t see it this year? And this was said last year

And some insiders saying it was ahead of schedule.

However it does seem they moved to UE5 and there’s no way of knowing if this sets it back and by how much.

Assuming they indeed have a trailer or slice ready, even if it might be a 2024 title, just show it. It’s two years since announcement trailer, show it. I mean they showed Hellblade 2 last year and that too doesn’t even have a release year.

We’ll see.

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I don’t think we have official comments on this… It’s all insider reporting. So always take it with a grain of salt.

The part about being ahead of schedule, that’s true. But the part about something being shown soon was Obsidian.

I see the comments about how there’s no point in showing 2024 stuff but I disagree if these games do have trailers or even slices ready with something tangible in there. Assuming all of these games got pushed and they only show 2023, there’s not a whole lot, probably. Doubt it. The more things they can show from XGS, the better.

Late reply, due to personal rl reasons but:NEVER! Aim high or stay home!


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Another “soon” :stuck_out_tongue:

I love that word.

Ya, right.

Instead why can’t they just say “in June” or in the case of Avowed last year… “this year”.

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Pretty solid speculation.

With Starfield I guess it should be in the same state as FO4 but this time they wiill try to fix the bugs. That’s the hope. Redfall - no idea.

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He hasn’t heard anything, it’s solely his expectation?

If the showcase is anything like that (assuming mostly gameplay), that would easily be a great show.

Not sure, I haven’t watched the timestamp yet…

Forza Motorsport ? no Halo news ? Hellblade 2 ?

hmm… idk. i hope there’s some “next-gen” gameplay.

I think Starfield visually might impress us quite a bit. Avowed too. But yeah, new footage of Hellblade 2 with combat would be awesome. But they didn’t show it at the awards last year, wonder how far along the combat is.

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Starfield, Redfall, Contraband (?) and Avowed are all next gen only… no ?

All of which I’d expect to have gameplay if present at the showcase.

Watch FM not coming this year at all. I see that a lot of people expect it, but I recall Phil back in 2020 saying it was early in development. Now I haven’t followed any other news much about the game, but why do we expect it to release this year?

I expect it because they were doing play tests like a year ago and it’s been like a year of not even having a Forza Motorsport game available on shelves.

I think “early development” is kind of ambiguous