Xbox App Glitches/Bugs

So the new Xbox App is coming up with Nintendo Gamecube games? (IOS)

Anyone else seen anything weird?


Which platform are you on? I’ve been using all the apps on Android with almost no issue for several months, but I just updated my iOS devices with the new app and the console streaming is incredibly jittery. I am using a 2018 iPad Pro so the WiFi card should be absolutely fine, my consoles are all wired, and my Android device still operates relatively problem free. Not sure if there’s an issue with the update, or if some of Apple’s privacy controls are mucking things up.

I am using IOS Iphone XS Max. Ill give the streaming a go when Im home and get back to you! Could be a iOS issue

MS buying Nintendo leaked!

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Why cant we stream Xbox OG and Xbox 360 games? anyone hear anything about this?

That is awful.