Xbox Acquisition |OT6| The One Where Nothing Happens

Master Duel is doing super well, i hope whoever buys them supports yugioh better

I’ve posted this idea before. If the main game turns out good then it could be a good JRPG studio for Xbox. I don’t think they’d need the Suikoden IP for them (buying Konami IPs is always brought up, but I’m not sure if they want to part with any of them. They don’t use Suikoden for anything at all though), in fact it’d be amazing if they started a new JRPG series (or build off Eiyuden) that did long term multi-game storytelling, like Suikoden (I never actually played the series but AFAIK it was aiming to do this right?). Nothing wrong with leaving them be as a “HD-2D” studio either, Square’s releases show that it’s a popular artstyle.

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Spot on, do you think we will get any independent studio aquistion soon?

The thing is I suspect all of those studios would be over 100m so would trigger the FTC review anyway.

Certain Affinity is the best option IMO, and they don’t really own anything so I think they might come under that 100M

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Dam this sucks, thanks for the info.

Platinum would be under 100 mill also

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All of Square Enix Western got sold for only 300M along with IP’s So Platinum is like 10-20 million tops lol Paying 100M for just platinum is a overpaid

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All of Square Enix Western got sold for only 300M along with IP’s So Platinum is like 10-20 million tops lol Paying 100M for just platinum is a overpaid


There was a lot more to the square west deal than 300 million, if you look at embracer groups press release they paid almost a billion in that deal total

Its anywhere from $700 million to $1 Billion when adding in the debt and loan in addition to the payment.

Edit: though one statement says its $300 million “cash free debt free” which should mean it doesnt transfer any debt from the seller to the buyer. So maybe the other reports with debt and the loan were from something else? Or setup to help fund this transaction and future deals and payroll?


If Microsoft can’t acquire any studios due to the Activison/Blizzard deal maybe Microsoft could hire developers from ID@Xbox and build their own studio for them.

so easy. just purchase fromsoft. if you can’t cause they are owned by a another pub. you buy that pub. if the pub is owned by a country. you put on your big boy pants and buy it. the country

Acquisitions of independent studios even if above the 93 million dollar mark that the FTC does review, are highly unlikely to take a considerable amount of time. Definitely nothing approaching the length of time they are seeing with publishers. These could potentially be wrapped up by time that Xbox actually announces them. Announcements are twitted within 75 days of letter of intent agreements, so that’s plenty of time to close those then announce.

I’m not talking about something that would be a major independent like CDPR or Remedy or similar.

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I think getting the approval from FTC is not the only time consuming thing in an acquisition

Transferring a smaller studio and it’s documentation will be much easier then a gaint like Acti-Bliz-King with thousands of employees across the globe and barrage of IPs license under them. And also the contacts in place before the acquisition

Indeed, enough western devs now. Time to SErvice that GAming vibe from Japan.


They get top class PC Western devs from Sega too so they wouldn’t be picking it up “just” for Japanese content. Another reason Sega makes more sense than any other JP publisher.


Gifs you can hear!


I don’t know how truthful it is but, Isn’t this part the one that is basically maintaining SEGA afloat? (or the biggest “part” in SEGA gaming?) Heard it somewhere but don’t know if its true, you know people tend to exaggerate a lot conveying information.


I’ve withdrawn all theories as to who MS buy next. Thier priorities are completely different to what we think and expect

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They’re not theories, they are a wishlist. I don’t know what MS thinks, I can speculate, but I don’t know what goes on in their brains. :joy:

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