Xbox Acquisition |OT6| The One Where Nothing Happens

I still get sad how sega needs to put their games on the platforms of their old rivals

Ps is the reason why sega doesnt make consoles anymore, and nintendo fans generally makes fun of their games for being “bad”

Thats why I prefer that they work with xbox, afterall the first xbox is a spiritual succesor to the dreamcast

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I wonder if EA Sports FC will be F2P considering that it won’t have FIFA name attached to it. It might be the best chance to try it. When it is gonna be released?

2b comes from all the games they released during FY2022 though (granted FIFA was probably the biggest there)

You have people here who want the same for Xbox though…

Not til next summer

FIFA 2023 launches in september 2022 right? I guess EA Sports FC launches in September 2023

Xbox putting games on ps? Besides the most popular ones like minecraft or call of duty I dont see how xbox will need to put sonoc, persona, yakuza, company of heroes, sakura wars on ps

Sure there is always the posibility but still it will be nice to see them work together

Looks like July

Also in another article

I think the release date won’t change because it is probably related to footbal championships or something.

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Let’s say Nick is right and Activision acquires a studio, similar to how Blizzard just acquired a studio, before AKB is acquired by Microsoft. Any likely studios?

My first thought is a support studio for CoD. I’d be fine with that if they’re trying to bulk up the CoD team with the hope to free up some of the other internal studios.


Certain Affinity lol


Ubisoft… 10,000 more employees to work on CoD :wink:

On a more serious note I wouldn’t be surprised if they acquire someone. Not many big FPS studios left… Monolith? Crytek? People Can Fly? 1047 Games? Bungie would have been the obvious one but we know what happened there.


That’s the one I was thinking as well. Their history is basically working on Xbox Games and COD.


A support team seems most likely. Looking at some of their recent games, they have worked with Iron Galaxy as a support team a few times , so maybe them? They’d sorta be ideal considering Microsoft’s history with them, especially if Microsoft were to pick up a fighting game studio in the future or had someone working on Killer Instinct.

Easier acquisition to get through regulators after ATVI:

  • EA
  • Take 2
  • Neither Possible
  • Neither would pose an issue

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I feel like with the eyes on the last 2 publisher Acquisitions its gonna be real harder each time to do. They should just buy smaller studios people want and grow them.


It would be funny if before Activision Blizzard is 100% part of MS, AB was to buy Crytek.

They could use the Crisis engine to help beautify future Call of Duty games, plus then we can get a new Ryse too.


Was activision going to acquire another studio before the acquisition?

I agree,very high cost to start building a sports franchise game studio and lease the licenses from scratch and even if you create something slightly better than the established franchise high propability people will just buy your competitors game which they and their friends are used to playing and bought for years.

I would like that.

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I disagree. I think it’ll be fine as long as Microsoft is willing to release acquired publisher’s games multiplatform, from which we’ve seen, Microsoft likely is okay with it as long as it’s available on GP day 1.

Even if MS acquired EA, Capcom, Sega etc., they still wouldn’t be a monopoly.


I don’t think so. Not a single regulator cares about IPs going exclusive because we literally has IPs appearing out of the thin air and raising millions. Gaming market is humongous.

In USA they are trying to be concerned about worker rights but guess what? Microsoft is the best place to work :joy: With Tencent making billions without owning a single platform and Sony making billions on anti-consumer practices and Nintendo selling most of the consoles relying only on their own exclusive IPs, Microsoft won’t have any problems.

For third party publishers it is even benefficial because Microsoft removes pieces from multiplatform board thus allowing their own IPs to become more successful too (people move from TES on PS to for example Baldur’s Gate or Dragon Age and so on).

Where that is even coming from and why would Microsoft do that?

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