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Sensing some things not directly tied to acquisitions - Xbox One PTSD most certainly isn’t… and I think its damages have long since dissolved (outside of internet gossip at least).


You don’t spend tens of billions to only get the scraps of what you can possibly get, you make this kind of moves only if you want to literally buy marketshare.

I mean, it was related to the differenced between some of Sony/MS acquisitions. Also if you live outside NA, it’s far from fully mended. Market share is an unavoidable truth also.

Well, we technically can create a separate topic like “Xbox One PTSD | Pool of misery and complaints” and the same actors will post there every day :joy:

All microsoft acquistions are directly related to (except Mojang :sweat_smile:) to IP ownership and exclusive games. So no matter what people say - ATVI deal will lead to exclusive games and some famous IP will also become exclusive (in some for or another).

That’s why strategically best acquisitions for Microsoft are the ones tied with IPs. In Japan nothing beats Capcom and Sega in that regard (Square Enix is not that for me at least). Sega gives them a mascot and elevates their media presence, Capcom gives a solid line-up of great IPs.

Fine by me.

Market share of this gen? You mean only being a couple million difference? Come on, keep the FUD realistic at least; marketshare differences being conflated as “Xbox One PTSD” is pretty far-fetched.

You’ll be surprised of how many articles similar tp this one float all over the internet nowadays:

I know it’s not 2 to 1 or even 3 to 1, but it’s still roughly 30% or 40% more if we take Zhuge numbers for Xbox (12-13M).

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I see your point but it would still be cheaper to get game X on GP day 1 than to buy the actual rev stream from the game in its entirety. Also worth noting that they might not have use for all these games landing day 1 on GP in perpetuity either. If GP became dominant at some point it might not be worth the cost to keep re-upping the day 1 deals at some point in the future anyhow.

What is the ‘market’ you are relating terms like ‘marketshare’ to, specifically?

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How do we know MS didn’t go to ABK and try and get games like CoD on GP?

Would ABK really want to put the top selling console game every year (CoD) on GP - doubtful!

Perhaps part of the appeal of the ABK deal was that ABK was one of the few publishers which didn’t want to go on GamePass - I may be wrong but I don’t think I have ever seen their games on GP (same as Ubisoft until recently).

Not surprised at all given the level of dis/misinformation spread across all industries these days, but given Zhuge and MS’ own statements we know this to be false, so why spread it further? Again, it’s also unrelated to the topic.


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They might very well have tried that, but clearly the price wasn’t right for it to happen. I think ABK is happy to put stuff on GP for the right price since its guaranteed higher engagement, which is what ABK’s big IP are all built around harvesting.

Technically we don’t know it’s faulty since MS’s figures are sell in vs what Piers Harding estimated as sell through (thus not including any XSS units on shelves). I don’t think it matters though since ultimately ppl at the end of the gen only care about sell in (shipped) anyhow as sell through becomes too complex to track for most of us by that point.

And to be even keeled here, there was also a lot of news/press coverage suggesting Xbox Series was closer to PS5 than it really was due to the press misunderstanding the timelines being compared (the 13.4mil vs 12mil figures for PS5/Xbox respectively). That stuff was improperly spread around too.

I think that just demonstrates that they either couldn’t make a deal or it just wasn’t viable (financially).

It’s clearly going to be much better in the long term to buy them.

Yes, it wasn’t viable for MS. But we aren’t comparing scenarios where MS opts to find a way to get CoD et al on GP in a vacuum, we are comparing that to the scenario at hand where they buy ABK outright. The asking price from ABK for full day 1 GP adoption would have been WAY tiny in comparison to spending $70bil.

What is the argument you wanna make as to why it would cost more than $70bil to get all that stuff on GP? There are no signs so far that I know of that suggest the deal was centrally related to GP at all. That’s just how MS will frame certain aspects since those are consumer facing and obvious while they are figuring out how to best leverage ABK against Amazon/Facebook/Apple/etc. in a competitive landscape the general public isn’t even aware of yet.

If they wanted Dying Light on GP, it’d be there. You can’t just decide every single game that comes out is either on GP OR MS can’t scrape enough cash together to make that happen. Those are not the only options, lol.

Well, we don’t know. But there should be a reason why Microsoft decided to make February half empty.

This topic kinda feels off topic but I am not sure.

The reply chain was mainly about the idea that ABK was bought principally for GP. Lots of evidence undermines that position, including some points that appear to me rather damning on the surface. Zenimax and ABK were very, very different acquisitions with different elements on offer to MS and they slot into different goals.

ATVI provides Microsoft with a lot of leverage in gaming world, solidifies their PC position (including Korea!), gives them impressive foothold in mobile market, huge foothold in e-sports too, they get a lot of IPs and one of the most successful MMOs too…So many dimensions.

P.S. and finally a good game launcher (Battle Net) lol

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All of that, plus while not being principally about GP at all it still has the knock on effect of significantly boosting that too, along with putting them in a great spot wrt the whole Metaverse competition stuff. Not many acquisitions force gamers to have to think beyond the contours of what they consider the normal gaming market.

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Yeah, ATVI deal also affected the market greatly.

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