Xbox Acquisition |OT3| 100% Organic Growth

My guess too. I think it was already well planned.

  • 2017 ⇨ Age of Empires IV surprising announcement
  • 2018 ⇨ Age of Empires: Definitive Edition
  • 2019 ⇨ Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – 20th anniversary
  • 2020 ⇨ Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition – 15th anniversary
  • 2021 ⇨ Age of Empires IV
  • 2022 ⇨ Age of Mythology: Definitive Edition – 20th anniversary

I dunno about that. I’d say just leave it to Xbox. But regarding Creative Assembly’s console team, they’re taking their time with their AAA FPS since it’s pretty big for them. SEGA describes it as a “super game”.

Am I crazy for thinking that from all the big publishers, that get thrown around here all the time that Take two is the most likely one?

They don’t have a extreme amount of employees like Ubisoft. They are not in fields outside of gaming, like Capcom and others. They would come with a ton of big IP unlike WBIE (that DC Comics shit aint happening) And it would guarantee a huge amount of marketshare and subscribers. The sports games are great marketing tools, but selling off that division to EA to offset some cost could be an option too.

It isn’t too far away money wise from the LinkedIn acquisition.


Imagine GTA 6 and TES 6 exclusively on Xbox ecosystem in 2025 :smiley:


Having GTA the first day in game pass would be something very big. Even GTA enters the type of game that Microsoft likes, campaign + multiplayer + cooperative, it is a game to keep people subscribed to the service and this would probably be the game that more casual people would attract to xcloud.


New thread! Where’s the 7 new studios at?


Take Two doesnt make enough games to justify an expenditure of that magnitude.

Take Two doesn’t need to make so many games, game pass needs quantity but also quality and GTA and RDR are at the top in terms of quality.


Rockstar is worth that much IMO, 2K is just an extra.


Take-Two is going to release 93 games in the next 5 years


That’s a valid take, but I think engagement time also has to be considered. And the release of a Rockstar game is a generational event with a huge impact. Did GTA V ever drop from the top ten most played games?

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This is another example of “why own a cow when you can just buy milk?”

Like, people have wet dreams about MS spending $25B to purchase Take Two so that they could get Rockstar and Bioshock and NBA2k.

But if you really want to do something splashy with respect to that kind of content, just make a deal for the content.

GTA and NBA2k are MTX-heavy games. That means that the publishers will be more than eager to make a deal to put those games in as many hands as possible. There are absolutely deals that could be done if MS really, really wanted to make a strategic spend to grow the service. And they would cost a LOT less than $25B.

Rockstar does not have Dan Houser anymore.

Instead, aim for his studio - either an early partnership or an acquisition later on of Absurd Ventures.

As for Take2 - have a partnership with Ken Levine’s Ghost Story Games for his next project.

Bioshock is being made by a new entity entirely and might be something totally different.


It will take years for a new funded studio to make a game in GTA scale, let alone that this game will not have the GTA branding, which is a very important thing.

The point being - Rockstar without the creative talent of Dan Houser is an unknown beast at this point.

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I we go for that logic you don’t have to buy any studio or publisher. Close the thread guys we are done here!


Just because of 1 person? They still have some of the best developers in the Industry lmao.


Yeah you also dont want 1 game every 7 years.

2K does a lot of licensed games which if it wasnt an issue Microsoft would had bought Warner Bros a while back already.

I agree Netherealm and TT are the must have for MS

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Microsoft already has 2 Studios like this Mojang and Bethesda.