Witcher 3 and buggy achievements?

Sorry if this isn’t the right spot for this post, but I finally dove into The Witcher 3 in earnest over the weekend (I know, I know…) and I’m totally hooked. It’s an experience that hearkens back to wandering the Citadel for the first time in 2007 (something that remains a high point in my personal gaming history).

But I’ve noticed that achievements seem really buggy. As a completionist, it’s a bit irksome. Nothing seems to be tracking (recipes learned, books read, etc.) and achievements I have “completed” aren’t popping.

In the big scheme of things, it’s pretty small potatoes. I get it. But is there some fix to this? Some way to force the achievements to pop retroactively? Or am I just SOL with this title?

I just completed the acheivements in the base game and hadn’t any serious issues with them.You should look out for the gwent achievements, once they are missible and couple others. Only issue I had was with the achievement related to kill 3 contract monsters without using potions, bombs and oils. It just popped randomly, I mean, in the guide it was said you couldn’t even use mutagens, however it worked for me with them, just avoided using potions, oils or bombs and got it. However, it popped randomly a few days after.

A hard reset should help with the ones you got, but didn’t pop.

It’s notorius for this unfortunately… I always did a hard reset on my console before playing Witcher 3, that helped in most cases, but only for that session.

Cool. Hard reset seems easy enough. And your avatar is taking me back to growing up in my grandmother’s house. Man, that’s really taking me back.

Thanks. That’s a drag. And that’s definitely one of the achievements that didn’t pop for me. Killed the first two contract monsters using only my sword and food (on Death March no less) and nothin’.

Guess I’ll just hard reset before every play session and hope for the best.

Hey which version do you have?

The digital GOTY edition.

It’s a known issue since a while unfortunately for you. Seems to be related to xbox live data sync.

Here is maybe a workaround. Try uninstalling it & reinstalling after factory reset. Make sure to keep your saves somewhere in case.

Tell me if it works. Hope this helps!

LOL. Hope it is a good memory tho! Are you from Puerto Rico? Have a friend from there, he told me the guy was from there. I’m not from PR, but the guy in the avatar made a bunch of followers here in Brazil back in the day.

Haha very good memories indeed. Not from PR-- just a kid who grew up in San Jose, CA. Even as a kid, I couldn’t get over how ridiculous Mercado was. But the dude was on every other commercial when she watched her telenovelas.

Lmao yeah, same here, the damn telenovelas! Guess he made it to US as well then! Rip Mercado!