Windows Central: Series X and Series S coming November 10th, Series X will be $499

Series X not confirmed yet, right?

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$499 is a fair price for the Series X and will probably be the PS5 price. I’m surprised there’s not all-digital Series X for $399.

Don’t confuse your customers /s

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Considering everything that is in the system that is a very fine price. And of course we’ll always see those weird articles and people saying “XSX is obselete now, look at this new Nvidia card.” which is a argument i don’t understand at all, it’s not like you plug that videocard in the TV and GO, like a XSX, lol. All of a sudden these sites conveniently leave out the fact that you need so much more than just a videocard.

You mean the same people that don’t seem to have a problem buying cell-phones, TVs and cars? Those people?

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There is that muddy cloud at the end of my comment. if you click on it you see the “/s” … that is called a hidden spoiler!

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It’s weird how this has confirmed the PS5 price for so many people in seeing in various places. It’s $399/$499 possibly $449/$499 at a push.

They aren’t even saying it’s pointing to or anything like that, they are flat out convinced. Considering Sony would easily sell their first 5m consoles at $599 it’s a bit of a leap of faith that they will give up that half billion dollars to stick it to MS.

They do like sticking it to MS though so I’ll n guess $499/$449.

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Jez has some details we don’t know yet.

They will offset that $500 million loss by putting their games on steam ;p

Not so convinced about the depth of his knowledge. The other day he was asking Jason Ronald on twitter “what if he wanted to place series x horizontally” lol

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$500 means I will buy the X as soon as I can get ahold of one. Shouldn’t be hard unless they don’t produce enough of them

It is official now.


£449 UK, lets go!