Why Xbox? I want to know what makes you love the brand!

It’s quite simple for me. The Xbox felt like the Dreamcast 2 in almost every way and when I saw the 10% Complete JSRF running on the OG Xbox in E2001 my mind was made up as to which console would become my main non-SEGA console I’ve always liked how the Xbox had the best GPU in their consoles, until the Xbox One. I was so glad to see Xbox get their console mojo GPU back with the One X and carry it on with the Series X

Also, there’s an area that MS gets next to credit for but I love them for it and that’s the feature sets they bring in on the network side. I loved how I could see what games my friends were playing on the 360, the friends list on the OG XBox and now I love how all your games, saves and data are linked to your gamer tag, not the console. No need to Activate or deactivate a console, just log in to any Xbox and all your saves and data is carried over

And I must also say I really liked Peter Moore (he did such a fine job at SEGA, but gets little credit) and have a lot of time and respect for Phil.

Also as a Pal gamer, I loved how MS looked after the Pal gamer in contrast to the crap one got with SONY and especially Nintendo with most OG Xbox games supporting 60 Hz,l with the 360 having Hardware and game releases on the same day or in the same week. Another move that MS pioneered, but gets little credit for.


It’s been my go to platform ever since the first Xbox.

Back then I was a filthy fanboy, lol, for some reason I hated Xbox while I had PS2. My stupid ass thought MS had no business being in console gaming. I have no idea wtf I was thinking. And I hated how Oddworld became a Xbox exclusive back then, haha.

Until I saw Riddick in a store, I was blown away, and then my brother said he had a surprise waiting for me at home, crazy bastard actually had bought me and himself a Xbox with Rallisport, amazing. From that point on it was nothing but Xbox. Ghost Recon games, Halo, Brute Force, pc gaming died for us right then and there.

Through playing Ghost Recon online we met a dude that lived far away from us but still in the same country and we visited him, he had friends over too, ever since then we’ve all been great friends. 360 came out, it had party chat, PS3 had not, 360 was the better console, had the better controller, better eco system etc. Basically we all became loyal Xbox players/fans. So big that even during the Xbox One/PS4 announcement and launch fiasco we didn’t move over to PS4 for main platform.

And in general without going into details, I just don’t like Sony and PlayStation.


Xbox was that weird other box that you saw in the toy catalogue when I was younger in the Netherlands. The only people I knew that had an OG Xbox were my spoiled siblingless cousin and some dudes I met on a holiday. I had a PS2 which I didn’t care for much at the time. More often than not, I was playing on my dad’s PC or on my Game Boy.

Around my teenage years I realized that getting my own gaming PC would be a tall order financially and might not even be the best option for games since that was the time tons of games skipped PC from the get go. So instead of a PC I was going to purchase a console.

Eventually, when my birthday neared, I started to look into what console I was going to purchase. I was an avid subscriber of Power Unlimited, a Dutch Gaming magazine. Often times I saw reviews of WRPG’s and I started fantasizing about these games, being enamoured with the concept. I already loved JRPG’s, but had never really experienced WRPGS outside of WoW if that counts. Anyway I figured out the 360 had better RPGS both W and J, was cheaper and I had a buddy who owned an Xbox 360, and I remember being really impressed with how comfortable the controller was compared to the Dualshock 2.

So I bought an Xbox and I adored it. My love for the brand was tested in the Xbone days, but come 2018 I was starting to get very excited for what the future might hold for team green again. I’ve mostly been quite impressed with my series X bar some hiccups like the current first party drought, but Phil and the team have my full trust and I know when that ball starts rolling it will be unstoppable.


I came in rather late to the whole console thing, been a PC player ever since I was a kid. The kind of games I prefered was simply not available, or very good on consoles. I never enjoyed things like platformers, doing the same shit over and over again to get a higher score or whatever (which I still find boring) or JRPG’s. I played strategy games, combat flight sims, RPG’s and MMO’s. I was one of those PC-guys with the most expensive rigs, never ever used a controller and looked down on the console peasants as casuals… yeah that cringe stuff.

Then one day, about 10 years ago, I wanted to try something different so I decided to get a console. Went to the store and tried both the PS3 and the Xbox 360, the Dualshock was the most horrible shit I’ve ever tried to control a game with so I went with the Xbox 360 for that reason alone. Played a few games here and there but wasn’t very impressed, and PC was still my main gaming system. Then the Xbox One came along, and I upgraded like a PC-player would haha. The PS4 still had an awful controller so that was not an option, and I still gamed mostly on PC.

After a few years, I gravitated more and more to playing on the console, getting a bit sour on the whole PC-community elitist stuff and appreciating the ease of use of consoles more and more. Xbox started to feel more like my main platform, and the community was great for the most part. During those years, there was mostly hardcore Xboxers left so I guessed that helped, hah.

I soon discovered that to some people online, my choice of console was a crime against humanity and the amount of hate I met from Platform X-users cemented me as an Xbox fan, probably forever.

Once the Xbox One X came out, I was fully invested in Xbox as my main gaming platform and considered myself a console player. I even bought a PS4 and a Switch since then, to access some exclusives and my experiences on those systems made me more convinced than ever that Xbox is superior in almost every way. The ecosystem, the hardware, the services, the community and most of the games.

tl:dr: Former PC Gamer, chose Xbox 360 because of the controller, became Xbox-fan thanks to the awful PS-community, Xbox is the best platform to game on so became a console gamer.


It all started with Halo, I used to visit a cousins house a lot back in 2008 and I was just 13 years old, we used to play a lot of COD and Halo 3 together on his Xbox 360 but all I had was a Nintendo DS and my brother had a PS3 so that’s all we used to play on at home, then one day I discovered Halo Custom Edition on PC and really got into it, I discovered the campaign and also got into it and beat both Halo CE and 2 and since Halo 3 wasn’t on PC at the time I ended up buying an Xbox 360 around 2011 and that’s how I really got into the Xbox brand and started playing pretty much all of my games on Xbox, the brand and pretty much everything just clicked with me and I’ve been gaming on it ever since, although the Xbox One years were a bit disappointing in terms of 1st party output and at some point I even thought Xbox was on it’s final years, so as someone that lived through the Xbox One years just gotta say I’m extremely happy with this generation so far and it hasn’t even started yet.


Also, the first time I was exposed to Xbox was when I had a sleepover for my 13th birthday party. My best friend at the time brought his Xbox and a copy of Halo to show me how far gaming had come.

I remember a bunch of us taking turns playing through the campaign and I remember being the last one to fall asleep because I decided to try 343 Guilty Spark in the dark.

My dog also dry-heaved all evening and ended up shitting on the floor which I felt was something I couldn’t live down the remainder of middle school (RIP Lucy).


I spent decades only interacting with Xbox indirectly. A lot of fun memories:

  • Halo LAN parties with friends (I was into PC gaming and enjoyed some Halo with them but thought stuff like the console port of Morrowind was trash)
  • Playing my first racing game by hogging my college buddy’s Xbox to play Forza 1
  • Rock Band and Gears of War coop on 360
  • Introducing my grad school roommate to JRPGs by convincing him to get Lost Odyssey

But yeah in general I stuck to PC/PS/Nintendo for a long time, it never felt like something I had to own.

BUT. What I am really a sucker for is underrated, second or third place systems. Idk why. Loved the Vita, PS3, GameCube. Every system has good games to play. Somehow with Xbox One I was tempted to get one just to metaphorically give a middle finger to all the trolls and bullies online. And I mean, I did legit want to play Ori and Forza and ReCore. So I got one. And then it went from there! Getting my first Xbox in 2017 feels like I bought in on the ground floor of something awesome. Got to watch all the moves and growth since then and very excited for the future.


Multiple reasons:

I was a big Sega Dreamcast fan and the OG Xbox felt like Dreamcast 2.

I found the Xbox controller much more comfortable (even the Duke!) - The PS controller always gives me cramp after a while, whereas I can play with the Xbox controller all day!

I liked the pull of internet connectivity on Xbox OG, after playing lots of Quake Arena on Dreamcast.

Originally the games were much more appealing to me, this faded away during the PS4/XBone era, but is now leaning towards Xbox again.

For this generation in particular it’s the value! GamePass is ridiculous, my backlog of games is never ending. Also MS rewards, I have since purchased quite a few games with my points (it’s such a underrated feature).

For this gen the size also did play a big part, I made a decision after seeing both in person and the PS IMO is just ugly and too big, I have quite a small lounge (old farmhouse) so everything in that room looks massive :rofl:.

I plan to pick up the PS5 in a few years when it’s cheaper (hopefully) and there is a larger selection of first party titles to play (that I can’t get on my PS4).



How do the rewards points work exactly? Do i have to go out of my way or will just playing games accrue credits to put towards games?


You can do much of it just from playing.

There are usually weekly/monthly quests which will reward you with X amount of points for doing certain things e.g. earning 3 achievements, checking out a game etc. This week there was a treasure hunt reward which gave you 500 points just for clicking on it. I suspect you have already completed many of them in the past but just didn’t go into rewards to claim it (it’s not automatic).

Obviously if you do things like surveys or bing searches you can accumulate them quicker but they still add up quickly.

If you are in the UK it roughly works out as 500 points = 50p


I played Cel Damage in a kiosk at Future Shop when I was 11 years old and I was doomed forever. Before that I had a NES and N64.

The emphasis towards online MP, nostalgia and force of habit will keep me around as long as Xbox is a thing. I beta tested XBL, played MP on Xbconnect, hosted lan partied, and modded halo when I was young, felt like I was part of something big. Played H2 3 weeks before its release date in Fench. All of the Tom Clancey games, Mechassault, Unreal Championship on XBL cemented my love for the platform.

Maybe I just want to be young again :sob:


Because of lately the consumer friendly aspect with Game Pass, BC for all gens of select games, free cloud saves, xcloud so stream games on tablets, PC, phones etc, and Xbox trying to destroy these walls by attempting crossplay. It’s so good to trying to allow us to play with friends on PS or Switch.

Personally I only care for Xbox games not interested in PS games as Halo and Gears tops everything they have IMO. Also the controller is so comfortable and well designed. I can not stand the symmetrical layout of PS controllers.


Yeah, same here except for one difference. I could never bring myself to tarnish my house with that bastard PS2 after what it did to my boy, Dreamcast.

Got an Xbox Crystal, and have never wavered again. Had like four 360s and now a Series S, and have my five best mates on Xbox. It makes sense.

I’m an idiot, I know, but I still harbour ill feelings to a certain shape based brand. Haha


Xbox got me in via Halo, the 360 was a solid console, they actually lost me with the Xbox One launch bullshit + extra blegh from participating in Halo’s matchmaking updates. I mained Xbox from like 2002 to 2013 or so and then was PS4 only from then to 2016. Rock Band 4 brought me back to the Xbox fold plus the 360 backwards compatibility because I could get all my thousand songs back plus the vast majority of the money i spent on the original Xbox and the 360 were now available to me again in my library. Sony lost me part way through the PS4 due to their negative attitude towards backwards compatiblity and the fact that I went through four PS4 controllers that fell apart relatively fast, plus their insistence on having a permanent battery that dies super fast. I mean come on, they sold PS2 games digitally on the PS3 and made you rebuy them again for the PS4. C’mon man. Made me immediately stop spending any money in their ecosystem.

So yeah, it’s mostly the fact that they’ve been solid lately about honoring past purchases via BC plus competent software support in general. I will always like Nintendo as well. I think Steam is anti-competitive and abuses their position so I minimize how much money I give them, and I have an hour one Steam account but they started showing their ass more and more over the years. If Sony wasn’t so mean towards their customer base I’d probably still be playing my PS4 still, but after that PS2 game fiasco i immediately stopped putting any money into their ecosystem.

Game Pass is also nice, I do have it but it’s not a dealbreaker if I don’t.


ive never owned a playstation either, could never bring myself to buy one haha

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Im from peru which is traditionally Nintendo and Sony land. After many years of being a Nintendo fan I moved to Xbox in the 7th gen after being disappointed by the GCN. Xbox was the only viable option back then and felt in love with the quality shooters and specially the WRPGs like mass effect, fallout and dragon age.

Eventually I meet some great xbox friends and we became close as the Xbox community in peru is small, so we dedicated to make a group to make easier for people in Peru to get acquentanced with xbox.

Since most of my friends amd community is on Xbox, I’ve stick to Xbox since then.


When given the choice my brothers and I chose the og Xbox because my cousin was getting a ps2 and we would be able to play both. I never once played on her ps2. Then I bonded with my closest friend over Xbox and there was no looking back.


bit of a long one but TL:DR- I always played Nintendo as a kid, my cousins introduced me to XBL and multiplayer games in 2010, got an Xbox 360 in 2012, and enjoyed it ever since, catching up on some older 360 titles I missed as we speak. Its also helped me keep in touch with friends. GP is great too.

It’s what got me into the land of multiplayer. As a kid, I always had Nintendo consoles (Gameboy Advance SP, Gamecube, Wii) and always played SP games, but once I found out about online multiplayer, playing CoD BO1 and L4D2 (now my favorite game of all time) at my cousin’s house on the weekends back in 2010, I’ve been hooked ever since! Once I got my own 360 back in 2012, and an XB1 2 years after, I’ve played a lot of MP games like CoD, Battlefield ETC. Now… Ever since the pandemic began, I’ve been playing some big 360 and early XB1 era games I’ve missed out on, with my Series X like Fallout, TES, Mass Effect, and the Gears of war campaigns. I was so infatuated with MP games that I missed out on a LOT of great Single-Player games. I’m also able to talk and play with friends from High School, some of which i probably wouldn’t have been able to keep in touch with if it weren’t for XBL

and of course, not to mentioned Gamepass which has let me play a ton of great games, including one which might be closing in on L4D2’s spot… Slay The Spire!


I couldn’t agree more. I was like a lost lamb when SEGA left the console Hardware. SEGA had always been my main console system beforehand. While I was buying rival consoles, it was just for the odd games, but not has has my main console for 3rd party games ETC.

XBox felt so much like a DC 2 more so with SEGA’s amazing support at the start


I personally always thought of RPGs when I think of Xbox and clearly too does MS, with them buying RPG developers.

Also for me I’ve always liked the Xbox controller the best. Over the last several years, for me Playstation has had better cinematic, action/adventure games that I like, but I hate when I have to use that controller to play them.

So I always buy third party games for the Xbox, because if your going to be playing hours on a system, you have to like the controller you’ll use playing those games and for me Playstation just isn’t as comfortable as the ones Microsoft makes for the Xbox.