Why should I invest in Xbox this Generation?

I’ve read through the topic list and didn’t see anything relevant to my situation in gaming at the moment, I currently just own a Switch and am looking for a new home console. I’ve been gaming since a young age and have played on almost every gaming device/platform over the years. Xbox is the only console I’ve never owned as my own and I’m interested in potentially making the jump.

I’m on the fence between xbox and ps. Convince me that Xbox is the right choice. L. D

Does power matter to you?

Do the games made by XGS interest you?

Do you have a capable gaming PC?

Those 3 questions and their answers will probably guide you on the right path.


Never a fan of these questions because it’s like a customer walking into a store and yelling “what should I buy today?” If a salesperson starts selling you something without asking questions, person has an agenda and not your best interest.


Get a series s and gamepass and set yourself up for success

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FYI The games are what has caught my interest I’d like to play on the best quality console going forward I have a pc but not for gaming I love rpgs and the showcase was amazing

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If you own a gaming PC, then you don’t need an Xbox.

If you don’t, then there’s one easy answer. Gamepass.

Cheap and very affordable games with a crazy variety. It’s by far the best benefit with getting an Xbox. And couple that with the “merging” deal, and you can get gamepass for a ridiculously low price…

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You get Halo Infinite and other games in gamepass day one for series x for only 10 dollars if you go with PS you have to pay 60 dallars for Spider man miles morales which is only one game (not hating on PS i am getting one at a later date)

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You’re asking this on a Xbox centric forum of people who are big fans of Xbox. This is one of those things that you should research for yourself. Honestly it’s better to wait for price and pre-orders of both consoles to be announced. There’s no rush to buy either console, they’re going to be here for years to come.

You’re right I probably could have worded it better. I’ve never done forum stuff before it’s kinda daunting to get my thoughts to words.

Come on guys, there is no need to get defensive at all, we’re amongst friends here! :blush:

To answer the OP’s question:

  • Microsoft learned from the disaster of the early 360 build quality, since then they only bring hardware that sets industry standards. If you invest in a MS console you will get the best build quality on the market today.
  • Microsoft invested heavily into cloud solutions for their main business. Now the Xbox can profit from this - it means that if you get into the Xbox gaming world, you will soon be able to play all the games you love not just on your console, but also on the go (on your phone, tablet whatever)
  • and regarding games, MS heavily invested into new and existing studios, so there will be a constant stream of diverse games I’m sure you’ll find some to your individual tastes
  • and last but not least - there is GamePass. For someone new to the ecosystem that means for a low subscription cost you will have an instant backlog of games of all shapes and sizes.

In short - invest in Xbox and you wont be able to stop gaming in the near and far future. :crazy_face:

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If the S is cheap I might get centerlink to buy it for me :sunglasses:

As @Shpeshal_Nick asked power does matter and I want to experience that plus the XGS feel fresh and have good momentum and the money to back them to make what the devs want to not what is forced on them by other publishers. L. D

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I’m in the same boat as you, OP. I’m first and foremost a big Nintendo guy. I was all in on PS4 this generation, but was primarily Xbox 360 on the previous one. I’m planning to switch back to Xbox, at least as my first and primary console, for a number of reasons.

-Gamepass: this just seems like such a good deal to me. I’ve always been interested in the idea of having access to a “Netflix for games” and the Gamepass library seems compelling enough to be just that. I’m a new father, so being able to save money where I can with something like Gamepass is a system seller to me.

-Power: It’s still to be determined how much of a difference we’ll see, but it’s unquestionable now that Xbox Series X is going to be a stronger box than PS5.

-“Consumer-Friendly”: I put this in quotes because, let’s face it, no company is actually consumer-friendly. This is an angle Microsoft is taking because they fell behind this generation. But hell, it’s an angle I’ll take advantage of while it’s present. Sony’s arrogant policies in the second half of this gen have really frustrated me. (Doing everything in their power to push-back against exciting developments in gaming like the ubiquity of cross-play/save in particular.) Microsoft’s current angle has them seemingly more interested in pushing forward with things that Sony would actively try to prevent.

-Aesthetics: This is just personal preference, but I think the hardware itself for the Series X looks SO much better than the PS5.

Those are just a few of my personal reasons for going Series X over PS5. I do plan to get a PS5, but not for a couple years. Ideally, once a slimmer console is out; and they’ve had time to build up a strong library of exclusives.


This is the response I was looking for!

I’m interested in what they are doing behind the scenes with x cloud gaming and I believe that is the future of gaming that Sony can’t match

The future of gaming will look like this:

Here on the forum we’ll discuss a game, and I maybe need help in a certain section or just want to share a very cool moment, so I post a link and when you click that, your GamePass subscription will take you immediately into the game to the very spot we’re talking about via streaming.

And that’s no matter if you click said link from your PC, tablet, phone, whatever…

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You know, it always boils down to games. Do they interest you? Do you play older games as well? If you do, and you’ve never owned an Xbox, there’s a HUGE amount of good games waiting to be discovered, and all of them will be enhanced for moderrn times in some way. In comparison, PS5 will give you native support for the current generation, and streaming support for the older titles (which you might’ve played already, you don’t say if you’ve owned a PS console before -although revisiting your old favourites might be interesting to you as well; EDIT: sorry, you actually do say that).

Aside from that, there are the other obvious things like hardware power and the value of Game Pass. If you’re fine with owning and maintaining a gaming PC - and, more importantly, dealing with that platform’s peculiarities, as it’s definitely not for everyone, although many people won’t realize it until they’ve spent some time with it - that’s an alternative to consider, as it will give you access to most Xbox games (but not all, unless you want to try your luck with emulation), and a vast amount of other games to boot. However, if you want to own both a PC and a console for different use cases, Xbox will offer you better integration and better value with things like Play Anywhere and Game Pass Ultimate.

Are you really interested in VR? Xbox is probably your worst choice right now, that might or might not change in the coming years. Does playing new multiplatform games first matter more to you than playing probably the best (console) versions of them? Sony is making timed exclusivity deals with multiple publishers. On the other hand, if you care about supporting pro-consumer choices and greater accessibility, MS has been leading in that space for a while. This last generation MS has been more agile with updating their system on the software side and supporting new technologies, that’s likely to continue. On the whole, Xbox will probably grow faster, because they have a broader view of competition in the gaming space, and now also full support of Microsoft’s leadership, but that won’t always be in ways that might be interesting to core gamers.

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Backwards compat is big for me, for sure. I only briefly only owned an Xbox One around Halo 5’s release. Part of the fun of going from PS4 to Series X, is that I’ll be able to catch-up on a shitload of XBO exclusives I never got to play. Not to mention being able to revisit my extensive 360 library.

The amount of new studios xbox has acquired recently is promising for future 1st party games. The back catalogue of games is endless to me and games pass is loaded with unplayed games :+1:

Power has never mattered to me but if the difference is going to be as noticeable as alluded to I kinda want to check it out and future proof my gaming.

I can wait for a fuller experience I’m an adult not a child and don’t need to have my toy now or crack a tantrum. I understand why Sony is making these deals it’s pure business moves to secure prime Real Estate, I simply don’t like them as any real gamer knows its segmenting us for no gain but thier wallets getting fatter. L. D

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The reasons for investing in Xbox hardware are in my eyes:

XSX the most powerful next gen console

XSS the cheapest next gen console

The line up of first party exclusives - take a look - Xbox is looking RPG heavy, social gaming/multiplayer heavy, and of course Halo/Gears/Forza

Gamepass - everything in the above for a monthly fee plus more

Flexibility about how, when and where to play - xcloud is part of this, but so is the ability to play on PC and xbox seamlessly…

That’s their USP this gen. Only you can decide what matters to you.

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  • Xbox has policies/plans that put the customer first. This sounds like PR bs but between BC, smart delivery, forward and backward device support, gamepass etc Xbox is truly doing right by the customer
  • GamePass- Hundreds of free games, it sells itself
  • First Party- I truly believe Xbox’s first party will be competitive with PlayStation and Nintendo this gen. Their first party output won’t be embarrassing like It was a lot of this gen
  • Power- There’s a lot of back and forth about what will be better, but it’s clear based on the specs that the XSX will have a noticeable performance advantage over the PS5

Well I won’t convince you as that is Microsoft’s job, but what I will say is that if you have an Android phone, try out cloud gaming and see if any of those games tickle your fancy and if you want a console, use a PC, or just continue using ur phone/tablet to game. It’s the cheapest and easiest way to figure out if you want to invest in or not at all. :slight_smile: