Which would move first to a Game Pass like model - Sony or Nintendo?

I think sony because Xbox is more of a direct competitor to playstation. When XGS bombs start dropping it will effect playstations bottom line, I predict for a significant portion of this Gen playstation will be significantly weaker then Xbox when it comes to exclusive line ups, services and value.

I think Playstation will adopt the Game Pass model when game streaming has reached critical mass as a consumption model and they feel confident they can grow to tens of millions of subscriptions in a very short period of time. Their partnership with Azure is a strong signal it’s in their long-term plan. My uneducated guess is that Sony will push Playstation Now upon entering the next generation as a push to expand the Playstation platform, similar to how Xbox did leading up to the current generation.

I’m not sure Nintendo will do it in our lifetimes.

If they remove ps3 gsmes it may as well not exist.

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Nintendo are in a delicate position. All it takes is another wii u and they’re gone.

They’ve already lost the whole console and handheld market duology. Switch is keeping them alive in the hardware business but how long will it last.

This pretty much covers it. Nintendo understands the reason why you buy a Nintendo system is for Nintendo games and they are massively successful at it as long as they don’t get too crazy. Nintendo doesn’t need to give their games away they know if you buy their system you did it to buy their games.


What choice do they have… it’s either manufacture tens of millions of the obsolete cell processors or create a PS3 emulator and begin the slow process of licensing games through backwards compatibly.

I guarantee Sony is removing PS3 games once subscribers grow past a certain inflection point. PS3 streaming can only ever be a limited timed feature. Once subscriber numbers climb into the tens of millions then it will be cut from the service.

Then put out the God of War hd collection on ps4 or ps5 in future at least. Thsts what psnow was used for by me. I abused the free trials just to replay those

Nintendo shouldn’t even be in this conversation :joy::joy:

Always said this was a fun thread, not a very serious one :wink:

I agree, by the way, I too think Sony is the obvious answer, but of course it’s fun to just speculate

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100% Sony would be the 1st one lol