Which gameplay trailer got you hyped the most?

oof. that car was amazing to drive man. Forza really treats Ferraris well. though I did love the centenario and the Ford GT in this. so many good times; especially in the hot wheels dlc

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Still one of my favorite trailers to this day.


ohhh yes honorable mention for me probably my sec fav.

Never played ME but this trailer is fire!

<3 the song they used was fucking perfect, soon as I heard it added it to my spotify playlist. SUCH A BAD ASS TRAILER AHHH (not a gameplay trailer but stilll)


Gameplay wise the watch dogs legion gameplay last year. Went from not caring about watch dogs to it being one of my most anticipated games.

Based in announcement would be Starfield. The fact we are getting another RPG series set in space excites me!

The tone of the trailer felt like one of exploration IMO . So I’m even more excited.

Same as me, Gears is my fav Exclusive.

Recently it’d be Hogwarts Legacy

Overall though it was the initial reveal trailer for Oblivion

Agreed about the Zelda trailer. I bought a Switch on the promise of that game alone

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The original Halo 3 Bungie trailer.

This game still gets me to this day, when it was first announced all the way to being cancelled when it was just about finished.

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“This is it… isn’t it.”

Can’t believe I missed this thread.

I know the trailer kind of lied/mislead people, but to me it’s still such a good trailer. I absolutely loved the music choice.

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