Which gameplay trailer got you hyped the most?

The title says it all. Ignoring the quality of the game at launch which gameplay trailer got you hyped the most?

For me it is easy. It has to be the launch trailer for Breath of the Wild. I was hyped beyond anything I ever been, solely because of this trailer.

The music, the cut, everything was perfect.

I was sold on the switch imidatly. In the end I liked the game a lot yet have some gripes with it… Hopefully they fix it in BOTW2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, what about you?

Hellblade 2 (not a gameplay trailer sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Naaah… but I watched this trailer many times. Really good!

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I know it aint out yet but its this


Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Mass Effect 2. Both had really great music that pumped you up.

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Battlefield 1’s trailer was absolute fire…shame the game didn’t live up to it.

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All time? Halo 2’s first reveal trailer. It’s trailer leading up to it’s launch was on par as well. Don’t think I’ll ever reach that level of hype for a game again.

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Mega excited for this :slight_smile:


No cap probably the best E3 moment for Sony in the whole generation and for a good reason. Everything was perfect about this. They set the stage for not just the game existing, but what the new Kratos looks like, what the new story is, what the setting is, what the new gameplay style is, what the new art direction is, basically a vertical slice lol which tbf the final release lived up greatly to. It also exists as a phoenix of sorts after having launched a disappointing installment in the form of Ascension and the franchise stagnating, a new revamped experience just hit different on so many levels and further cemented Sony’s place as THE home of highly polished and well realized big budget cinematic action adventures.

Interesting, what makes you soo excited about it?

Great, but no gameplay trailer :smiley:

The storytelling so far plus the potential of a more open world halo campaign plus the gameplay looked really fun

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I know it’s allready been said, and it ain’t a gameplay trailer but…

Hellblade 2… I’m still hyped. Everytime I watch it, I get all hyped up again. Gameplay trailers are overrated! :wink:


This is true, but this video didn’t just convince me to buy a game, this video convinced me to switch to Xbox

I can still feel the hype I had.

But if we are talking gameplay


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Have to admit. The whole Cyberpunk thing with Keanu reeves and all definitely is a top 5 reveal in the last 20 years for me.

For me was seeing no man’s sky trailer at the game awards I was in awe of it and I didn’t even know much about what it was as a game. Also that hellblade 2 trailer really made me think wow this is next gen

this one. My favourite trailer of all time.


Ferrari 458 Italia dlc for forza motorsport 3. As a supercar enthusiast, that trailer blew my mind.