When will Xbox start its next gen marketing campaign?

I know Ive criticized playstations PS5’s marketing but after some reflection Ive come to the conclusion that I was wrong and the PS5s marketing is good. Just because some marketing does not focus on facts it does not mean they are being dishonest. More metaphorical and exciting ads like the one below are effective because they generate hype, imagination, and awareness they also play to emotion.

Now to the main point of this thread. Where is Xbox’s next gen marketing? Ive not seen any adverts, but Ive seen several PS5 ones.

After pre-orders opening, i guess

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Hopefully soon, I really hope they start ramping it up.

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The entire premise of PS5 was a lie. That is rightfully a big deal imho.

MS should start its big push this coming week imho. Then again, I’m greedy when it comes to getting more Xbox news, lol. I think the biggest complaint atm is they have not shown games on X itself, but that issue instantly goes away when they do show the stuff.

For the sake of taking in pre-orders this coming week, I hope they show more stuff asap. I’m wondering if they might be doing a push leading up to pre-orders (recall that XSS big reveal was intended to land this past Wednesday), which then might repeat with the next batch of pre-orders maybe next month.

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They need to hammer this in to no end.


I hope they do soon, but tbh I don’t understand Sony’s marketing. What the hell are those ads about? I hope MS can sell their next gen strategy clearly: the cheapest price and the most powerful console, all capable of Gamepass.

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The ad in the op is a plea to emotion, its nothing new in the marketing world. Think apple “think different” or Nike’s “just do it”. This type of marketing is not effective on the informed customer but most customers arent informed.

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Ive gotten some youtube ads for the Series S on some videos.

Hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday before pre orders open.

I’ve seen big push for Series S in targeted ads and a few Series X. I think pushing the Series S is a wise choice but I’m honestly starting to get peeved now. They have shown so much Series S gameplay but little Series X. They are virtually identical systems except resolution and power. Why is there so little Series X footage? For all of Sony’s many PR and marketing faults this gen (and by God are there a ton), they delivered the gameplay goods. Every day MS goes without explicitly showing Series X gameplay is a day they feed console warriors and raise questions among loyalists.

I don’t even think it’s the be all and end all. I just want to see something in action on it that can show the power. Flight Sim, Cyberpunk, hell Watch Dogs.

Not sure what to guys are talking about, they have been marketing Series X ever since the awards show. They have been having games showcases, they coordinated a global launch with retailers, and release a ton of information on the console.

You know how they shipped an empty shell to every tech reviewer? That’s marketing. Also DF having their own on site visit and talking about.

Its much more powerful when third party reviewers are talking about the console than MS.

This is the new way of reaching an audience, not TV ads.

I get what you’re saying. MS practically just announced the Series S so they probably feel like the burden of proof is on them to show the world why a 4TF console is worth buying. Why it’s such a great value and how you’ll be getting a true Next-Gen experience albeit at a lower resolution.

I agree about the Series X although, I have a feeling that that it’ll be getting a lot of free marketing from Digital Foundry comparison videos alone. MS just needs to show that one game (any game) that utilizes and uses the system for what we know it can do. With all the bells and whistles. And while doing so, keep nailing it through people’s heads - “Worlds Most Powerful Console”.

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I just want to know when their next show is or if they’ll just be dropping everything on social media. They made it sound like they’ll be showing their other first party games this year.

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Was going to post the same. I’ve seen a good number of Series S ads on YouTube but haven’t seen anything for Series X yet.

I hope that MS will spend more in marketing in Europe. I see a lot of Nintendo and Sony ads on the TV but zero Microsoft ads.

I think the when can be deleted off this thread title to make a more pertinent question…

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