What's your guess of the next three years release schedule?

With all the studios, and games in development within Xbox first party, whats your best guess for the release schedule for the next three years? Heres mine.

Hellblade 2, AIRA History Untold, Avowed, Towerborne, South of Midnight, COD, Clockwork Revolution.

Double Fine Game, Fable, Gears 6, Forza Horizon 6, Indiana Jones, Contraband, New Zenimax Online Game, Brass Lion Game, Odyssey,

State of Decay 3, New Halo, The Outer Worlds 2, Everwild, New id game, Perfect Dark, COD,
Blade, New Roundhouse Game, New Tango Game,.

This is a crazy level of games for Xbox to release. Its going to be the weight of quality games that promotes Xbox and Gamepass. These next three years is going to put pressure on Sony.

2024 - Towerborne, Hellblade 2, Flight Sim 2024, Ara, Avowed, South of Midnight, Call of Duty Black Ops Gulf War (in that release order)

2025 - Fable, State of Decay 3, Indiana Jones, Perfect Dark, Contraband, The Outer Worlds 2

2026 - Everwild, Gears 6, id’s game, Forza Horizon 6, Marvel’s Blade, Clockwork Revolution (not necessarily in this order)

Obviously there will be smaller games and unannounced games in there but it’s difficult to predict stuff like that.

  • 2024 - Videogames
  • 2025 - Videogames
  • 2026 - Videogames


They will buy someone else.

Man, Gears 6 + Indiana Jones + Fable in the same year would be awesome.

Bold of you. I like it.

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2024-Towerborne, Avowed, Flight Simulator 2024, Ara, Hellblade II

2025-South of Midnight, Fable, State of Decay 3

2026-Gears 6, Clockword Revolution, The Outer Worlds 2, ID Software Game, Blizzard Survival game, Everwild

And a Cod game every single year.

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